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Changes the boring sound that these weapons make when hitting dead bodies or concrete into more impactful sounds. No longer will you hit a dead body with your pole hook and have it sound like you are hitting a rock!

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Adds the impact sound that these weapons make (Sledgehammer, Pole Hook, Super Sledge) when you hit an organic enemy, over the sound they make when you hit concrete surfaces. *Note* that the originals still play albeit only barely heard so that actually hitting concrete isn't sounding out of place. This should make hitting corpses (for whatever reason) and anything that is affected by the concrete material more enjoyable.

 Installs like any other .ba2 mod. Simply drop the .ba2 file that you extracted into your game's data folder and make sure that the .ba2 file's name (MImpactReplacer.ba2) is included in your fallout76custom.ini modlist.

P. S. Had some other ideas on modifying ingame sounds but I wanted to retain the original feel of the sounds as much as possible. At the moment I'm thinking about "improving" other melee weapon sounds or equip/unequip sounds etc. to improve immersion as much as possible. So feel free to post in the comments or even pm me what you would like to have modified and I'll probably give it a shot!