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A simple re-texture of Super Mutants... for now.

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For now, this is a simple re-texture of super mutants.  Oh - and I touched up the eyes a little.

Edit (or create) Fallout76Custom.ini in a text editor of your choice (I prefer Notepad ++, but standard Notepad should do fine).  
This file is (or should be) located at Documents/My Games/Fallout 76/Fallout76Custom.ini.
Add (or edit) the code to include the following: 

sResourceArchive2List = SMGrayskins.BA2, SMGrayskins_Tex.BA2

You will need both of these archives unless you want to have issues with how the hands display in-game.

I've never liked the lore break with 76 where, after all the trial and error The Master went through on the west coast to perfect the process of creating Super Mutants in the FEV Vats, with so many dead, that all West Tek had to do was taint the water supply.  That... just wouldn't work out quite right.  It's storyline weak-sauce.  But those it didn't kill?  Sure, they would be super-mutant... ish.

Future plans include changes to the mesh and hopefully integrating Female Supermutants.  We'll see.  For right now, all this does it give the Supermutants a little color like the freakshows they should be as super-mutants go.  This does not affect Suiciders or other SM outliers like Behemoths.

Enjoy!  :)