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Designed to provide a better inventory management experience, with quality of life in mind. Categorizations are made by tab-by-tab usages/purposes.

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Yet another localization mod for sorting, that tries to make some stuff in a different way. Depending on how much time I spend on each tab, and why, I tried to come up with different tags, while providing as much information as I can without making it look confusing. Most of the tags, and the reasoning behind them are detailed below. 

I highly  suggest using Better Inventory along with any sorting mod. In any case, thanks for checking the mod out!

Installation: Use Vortex, or another mod manager. For manual installation, extract the mod to your game installation folder. The extracted files should be located at "Fallout76\Data\strings\", there should be 3 files in that folder after the installation. To remove the mod, delete the extracted files / remove the mod from Vortex. 

Weapon & Apparel tabs
Not much can be done for Weapons & Armor, as the dynamic naming rules can be adjusted without .esp's unfortunately. But still tried to make the list clean, and separated, and here are the tags and changes that I've thought about for that purpose

  • [Outfit], [Headwear], [Trinket]
These are rather self-explanatory. Trinket contains rings and the Eye of Ra, as they don't belong to any other category, while the other two are all of the cosmetic items that one can find.

  • |Chassis|, [Hazmat]
"[Hazmat]" contains all the items that offer hazmat protection; anything over 500 rads, and override any other apparel items. Chassis uses "|" to appear at the bottom of the lists. If a quest is granting you a partial/full set, such armor will have proper names for themselves, such as "|Chassis| Ultracite (Full)", or just "|Chassis| Ultracite" if it is partial. These names will revert back to default (|Chassis| Power Armor) after they've been placed and picked up though. It's more of a heads-up.

  • |Underarmor| (type), |Backpack|
The type of underarmor is being denoted within "()"; for example, |Underarmor| Harness (Raider). This underarmor can be upgraded with "Raider" linings. Linings are renamed to MkX, with Shielded being the Mk5. A raider harness with shielded lining will look like "| Mk5 |Underarmor| Harness (Raider)".

Backpacks also will have naming changes like the underarmor does. A "Secret Service" backpack with the "Chemist's" mod will look like "| Chemist's | Secret Service Backpack |" and will be pushed down on the lists.

  • [Weapon] & [Armor] - for legendaries only
Legendary weapons will have the "[Weapon]" tag, and legendary armor will have the "[Armor]" tag in front of their names. This way, they'll be separated from the chaff. Legendary armor will appear after non-legendary ones, but before any other tagged apparel. Weapons will appear after non-legendary ones and thrown weapons. A separate version can be made if this change is unwanted, please ask me on the comments.

  • (Unique)
Any unique items gained through events and/or quests are marked with the "(Unique)" tag, right after the item's name. For example, "Slug Buster (Unique)". This tag is aimed for the people that like to make a collection out of such items. Unique legendaries are not marked as legendaries, however. They just use the "(Unique)" after-tag.

  • [Throwing], [Mine], [Signal], [Grenade]
All thrown weapons are properly tagged. Depending on what they do, and/or how they are used, they have different categories such as these.

Aid tab
Food & Drink is detailed, hopefully just enough to not confuse anyone. At first it might look confusing, but I tried to cram as much info as I can without overloading myself looking at my Aid tab. This part is the biggest part that I'm open to suggestions.

  • ("perishable"), ["non-perishable"]
Anything that will spoil will use "(" & ")" instead of "[" & "]".

  • F - Food, D - Drink, D&F - Drink & Food
F stands for Food, D stands for Drink. D&F stands for consumables that both quench your thirst, and satiate your hunger. 

  • Gourmet - ***, Tasty - **, Cooked/Packaged - *, Raw -
Stars denote the complexity & benefits of a recipe / consumable. In some cases, also used as a separator (like "Dog Food"), or to denote the rarity (like "Perfectly Preserved Pie"). Any perishable that doesn't have any stars has a disease chance, as it is raw. 

  • Veg, Egg, Fruit, Herb, Meat, Pastry, Flavor, Other
Went into a bit of detail here, mainly for carnivore / herbivore mutations:
-Herbivores won't get any hunger satiation from any Meat products, but get double the satiation from Veg(etable)s, Fruits and Herbs
-Carnivores won't get any hunger satiation from any Veg(etable) products, but get double the satiation from Meat
But anything else, everyone gets the benefits. 

  • [D:Alcohol], [Meds], [Meds~], [Meds+], [D:Nuka], [D:Nuka~], {Bobblehead}, {Magazine}, {Spoiled}, |Nuke|
Items like stimpaks, radaways and such are tagged with "[Meds]". [Meds+] contains the curatives such as "Addictol". [D:Nuka] contains all Nuka products. Bobbleheads, Magazines and Spoiled stuff use "{" and "}" and are pushed to the bottom of the list. |Nuke| includes all nuke-zone related items, like flux, inert flux, ionized meat, and so on. 

  • "~"
The "~" that some items may have may mean two things. If it is a food/drink, the "~" symbol means that it contains alcohol. If it is a chem, then it means there is an addiction chance. Alcohol lacks this, as the addiction chance might be apparent from the tag itself.

Misc tab
  • ("weighsSomething"), ["weighsNothing"]
Some tokens and other items have weight to them, so they use "()" to get pushed to the top of the list.

  • (Other), (Tool), (Token), [Bullion], [Key], [Lockpick], [Mission], [Other], [Token]
Everything that goes under this tab should be marked properly. As this was a colossal list, this one has the highest chance of having errors.

Holo tab
  • [Game], [Holo], [Holo+]
All holotapes are properly named. All hologames as well. [Holo+] is reserved for the supply holotape, which has a special purpose.

Notes tab
  • ("plan/recipe"), ["not a plan/recipe"]
Anything that is a learnable plan or a recipe is differentiated from the rest.

  • (Armor), (Armor+), (Cooking), (Tinker), (Powerarmor), (Powerarmor+), (Weapon), (Weapon+), (Workshop)
Every recipe is categorized as such. The "+" for Armor and Weapon denotes that the plan contains a mod for an item, whereas the lack of it means it contains plans for a brand-new item for you to craft.

  • [Note], [Treasure], [Map], «Nuke»
The rest of the notes are categorized as such. 

  • [Bulk], [Junk] {materials}, [Raw]
Somewhat self-explanatory. Junk scrap materials are listed after its name, and are limited to 3 characters per raw material to not make it look extremely long. 

Mods tab
  • [Armor+], [Powerarmor+], [Weapon+], [Underarmor+]
Following in the footsteps of the plans, pretty much self-explanatory.

Ammo tab
  • [Ammo-], [Ammo], [Core], [Film]
I like taking photos for the loading screens, so it has its own category, in essence. [Ammo-] is used for heavy ammo (missiles, cannonballs, and mini-nukes) so they appear at the top of the list if you need to ditch some.

  • Tadpole & Possum exams
As a bonus, all correct answers for the Tadpole & Possum exams are marked. Let me know if this should be in a separate version/mod.