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A Dark and Eerie Music, Menu and UI FX overhaul. Ported over from Fallout 4 to work with Fallout 76.

Permissions and credits
Back when i last played Fallout 4, I felt the music didn't fit the game at all. I used this sound overhaul mod & decided to port it over to Fallout 76 because the music in this one didn't fit either. Thought some other people might appreciate it so asked permission and here we are.

If you are not familiar with the mod and like to listen to some of the music & sounds you can visit the original mod. The link is at the bottom of this page.

What it do?

It completely replaces main menu, music & UI sounds including the wastelanders update. The original mod had more tracks then needed so I picked and chose what I personally thought would fit for the situation. With that said here is a list of what is changed:

- All exploration music for the base game & wastelanders update
- All combat music for the base game & wastelanders update
- Vault door open & close music
- Main menu music
- Atomic shop music
- Discover music
- Death music
- Level up music

- Level up sound
- Discover location & region sound
- Quest start, update & complete sound
- Event start, update & complete sound
- Challenges sound
- Legendary creatures & items sound
- Game start sound
- Team invite & join sound

- Silenced all vats sound
- Silenced xp sound
- Silenced tutorial pop up sound
- Silenced perk FX sounds

- Changed flashlight to a better click sound

Pretty much everything that doesn't fit the theme of the original mod is touched. I originally released the mod without testing it. I have since tested it and updated it to be much better. You can read about those changes in the post section.

This will likely be the final version until a new update comes out or if Bethesda breaks something. You can let me know and I'll see about updating.

How to install

There are 2 versions, one with combat music & one without combat music. Choose which one you like and download it. Throw the ba2 file into your fallout 76 data folder and add "CotC_combat.ba2" or "CotC_nocombat.ba2" to your fallout76custom ini under the "SResourceArchiveList2=". Pretty much the same as any other mod.

Per request a version for both combat & nocombat was added with vats sounds. You can find these versions under optional files.

There is also a optional file to replace the main menu video to fit the theme of this mod. In order to do this, you go to your Fallout 76 data folder and drop it in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to rename the original one before adding so you can simply change it back if you want. Otherwise just overwrite.

Since this is a total replacement, it's not compatible with any mod that changes something from above. It will work depending on the order, but there is no need to add anything onto this.

Disclaimer: When you first start up the game you might notice the main menu music is not changed. It will only kick in if you go to atomic shop & back or the original track runs out. There's nothing i can do about this.


Decided to share my personal Reshade I've been using for years: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76/mods/580
The sound design from the last of us fits the ghouls so well: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76/mods/219


All credits go to the original mod author: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35442
If you take some time to go there, under the "Music used" section you can find where the music was taken from and give those people a follow or buy some of their stuff to support them if you so feel like it.