Fallout 76
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This is my attempt at "fixing" the horrible water quality in this game

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Although there has never been any reports of Bethesda banning players in Fallout 76 for using ReShade, it is not supported (as any other modifications), so you may use it on your own risk.

Do NOT use this on Nuclear Winter mode!

This is an attempt at increasing the water quality on the game using it's own vanilla assets, but there are some limitations:

- Not every body of water will look good or better than vanilla.
- Due to the lack of Creation Kit, it's not possible to change the water color/reflections/transparency/flow.
- Unlike previous Fallout games, one can't control the weather and time of day, so it's easy to test, bugcheck and compare how it looks ingame in different conditions.
- I'm not entirelly skilled in texture editing, so I may improve the mod in future versions
- This mod WILL NOT fix pixellated reflections, the Screen Space Reflections are on engine-level, so there's nothing to be done.

All textures are in 4k resolution, so if you're low on VRAM then this mod might cause issues for you because even in vanilla, there's a somewhat high VRAM usage on places with lots of objects (Charleston/Watoga for example).
I'll be releasing a 2k version of the mod eventually, once I figure out the best way to do it without losing quality since I'm fairly new on texture manipulation.

If there are any bugs, let me know in the comments section with a detailed description if possible

1 - Unzip the file to Fallout76/Data

2 - Locate Fallout76Custom.ini on Documents/My Games/Fallout76 and open it.

3 - Look for the string:

4 - add "WaterHD.ba2" without the commas to the string, the final result will be:
sResourceArchive2List= WaterHD.ba2

5 - Save the file and done.