Fallout 76
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  1. skyrimdragon1969
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    Please please please add sounds to super mutants and feral ghouls.
    • member
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    At first wasn't sure about downloading this, but then Bobby toads update. Yes.
  3. BorderXer
    • premium
    • 643 posts
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    Thank you for the video so we can hear that it truly replace all voice sounds from the
    Scorched with a singular recording of a "Hank Hill Bwaaa".
    "This mod replaces all voice sounds from the Scorched with a Hank Hill Bwaaa."
    EDIT: Thanks for addition of "Radtoads & Bobby Hill".
    "Replaces the voices of Scorched with Hank Hill and the "voices" of Radtoads with Bobby Hill."
    Are you now working on, or are you planning to, have it so different "Hank Hill Bwaaas (etc)"
    take the place of around six Scorched sounds ? You won't need to worry about the Scorched
    sounds play-length ( as I guess you've already learned while making this ) since you can just
    fill that gap at the end with silence. ( I imagine the smaller the gap, the better )
    Maybe experiment with ( if you haven't ) "Fade-in" and "Fade-out", or ramp-up of volume
    in first approx 1 sec and ramp-down of volume to silent at the last approx 1 sec.
    ( Edit: maybe even throw in a couple other character's from the show )
    If not this show, the Simpsons, or whatever. Best sources may be Halloween & April Fools episodes.
    Maybe you might add a`new Forum tab in this mod's page for us to vote
    on our favourite, creating separate posts for each :
    Vote here for`"King of the Hill"
    Vote here for "The Simpsons"
    Vote here for "Family Guy"
    Vote here for "Scooby-Doo & The Mystery Inc Gang" related.