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Adds prefixed tags to group similar items in the AID menu

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Sort your jumbled AID menu!

Remember mods such as Better Sorting and Valdici's Item sorting for previous Bethesda titles?

This mod adds tags prefixed to aid item names for Fallout 76, just like the aforementioned mods. It uses translation files to accomplish this. This makes it much easier to find alcohol for your party boy, or chems for your chem addict. I typically leave my AID menu sorted by spoil, and your non-spoiling food items will appear below sorted items, then spoiled food, to unspoiled food. I also highly recommend installing Registrator2000's Better Inventory mod to assist more with inventory management.

Since the mod is just a set of translation files, it only supports English. Others may do similar work in other languages by using the xTranslator program, which was used to create this.

to install, unzip the provided zip file into the Fallout 76 Data directory. For example, my directory path is this: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Fallout76\Data

Should look like this:

This mod in no way alters any client-server communications, does not automate player actions, or makes available any information the player does not already have. As such it should not be considered cheating, just a quality of life improvement.

I'd like to credit mcguffin for their ComponentParts mod, which gave me the idea for this. You can use both mods together if you install this one first, set up xTranslator, load the STRINGS file provided by this mod, then apply the components patch.
Also, xTranslator made this possible.