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A simple mod that lowers the volume of the nuclear storm ambient loop by 75%.

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Tired of having to lower the volume when you're gathering flux or high radiation fluids?
Want to be able to hear what other players are saying without having to lower the effects volume slider ?

Then this mod is for you.


1. Extract the file into your Fallout 76 data folder (default should be : C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Fallout76\Data)
2. Go to your fallout 76 folder found in your personal settings (default should be %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76)
3. Open Fallout76Custom.ini and add it to your load order and your done! (if you do not have this file create it and proceed to step 4)

4. Open the file "Fallout76.ini" in a text editor (notepad is sufficient)
5. Navigate to the line "sResourceArchive2List" copy this entire line and paste it into your Fallout76Custom.ini you've previously created

its should look something like this:

sResourceArchive2List = *all other files*, QuietNukeZone.ba2

Permissions: anyone can use this as they please as its nothing fancy and just a simply volume decrease :-)