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this mod simply mutes the recurring default sentences of the responder vendor bot in train stations.
( optional files are available for muting the raider vendor bot - including the one at Top Of The World - as well )

the sound files are located in Data\SeventySix - Voices.ba2\sound\voice\seventysix.esm\robotprote

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a perfect example of just another "what the fuck were they [ bethesda ] thinking?"......

i got SICK and TIRED of that stupid [ responder, raider ] bot repeating the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. so i made a mod that mutes it.

if you want to know how i muted the sounds, read this:
so i decided to look for the sound files. was not easy. but then i found a wiki page about vendors in Fallout 76. somebody was very clever to put the actual dialog lines on the wiki, including the ID. i simply searched the files of "SeventySix - Voices.ba2" after extracting it with Bethesda Archive Extractor. i then used MultiXWM to convert the XWM files into WAV. i then imported those WAV files into Audacity. CTRL+A to select all. press delete. click "generate" in the toolbar. click "silence". click "File" in the toolbar. click "export". click "export multiple". select a folder. click OK on each dialog prompt.

then i used MultiXWM to convert the silenced WAV files back into XWM. then i recreated the same EXACT folder structure as how it is in the original archive ( SeventySix - Voices.ba2 ). i put the muted files in following folder structure:
that folder structure can be anywhere you like. i did it like this: i created a folder called "modding-projects" inside the folder in which Fallout 76 is installed. in there, i added another folder that has the exact same name as the .ba2 for this mod. in there, i put the ba2 of the mod and obviously the folder structure for the muted files. i used the Archive2 tool from the Fallout 4 creation kit ( can be downloaded from Bethesda.net launcher or Steam ) to pack the folder structure of the muted files into a ba2 archive. and that is how i made this.

i hope that knowledge allows you to mute any sound you dislike.

if you have any request for muting; let me know.