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A light weight mod that extends 21:9 support to menus

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Unstretched Ultrawide

Inspired by Imperfect Ultrawide

If you would like to support me and inspire me to continue my work, feel free to buy me a coffee. And thanks for you support!

This mods extends support for ultra wide 21:9 support to many of the menus that Bethesda did not include. The menus that Bethesda did not update show up as stretched and ugly when using a 21:9 resolution. I have noticed that Imperfect Ultrawide has not been updated for quite some time, and I perfectly understand it can get daunting to update these menus for every release. Please endorse Matakor's mod!

This mod adjusts the following menus for the 21:9 ultra wide aspect ratio:
  1. Trade
  2. Craft/Inspect
  3. Vats
  4. Photo Mode
  5. Workshop
  6. Main Menu
  7. Hud Menu

Upcoming Feature:
  1. Move tutorial text (In testing) Fixed in
  2. Move Dialog history Fixed in

This Mod Requires Fallout 76 Version (Patch 19)

1. Extract the AHZUWLite.ba2 file into the Fallout76\Data folder
2. Add the following line to your 'Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\Fallout76Custom.ini' file:

sResourceArchive2List = AHZUWLite.ba2

If you included other mods, add this mod to the list separating it with a comma

Same as above, just in reverse order :)


This mod does not work with Nuclear Winter mode

It will conflict with mods that modify the following:

I have only tested this mod with 3440 x 1440 resolution.

If using Perk Loadout Manager  use the  "Perk Loadout Manager (No HUD loadout notification)" optional download.

Known Issues
Due to the regular updates of Fallout 76. I wanted to keep maintainability in mind as much as possible. That being said, I only update the absolute minimum number of menus that I feel need updating. particularly the badly stretched menus. That means that while menus like the HUD and Perks menu are not "Perfect", they aren't that bad either and the more menus to maintain the more difficult it will be to update regularly.

I did not include the respawn menu. It is rarely used and is one less menu to maintain.

My Other Mods
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  2. moreHUD SE
  3. moreHUD Inventory Edition SE
  4. Lootable Crates SE
  5. Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass SE (IDDP)

  1. Matakor for your work on the mod Imperfect Ultrawide that gave me inspiration.
  2. And of course, Bethesda!