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Indicates the plans and recipes that you have already learnt with an icon when trading with vendors, containers or other players.

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From the author of Better Inventory...
Known Plans

Marks the plans and recipes that you have already learnt with an icon at vendors, your stash and when you trade with others. No more blindly purchasing an interesting plan only to find out that you've already read it!

PLEASE NOTE / UPDATE: This feature has now been officially added to the game. This mod is now archived and its page now serves as a historical reminder of what used to be. Thank you for your support!


Extract the mod's dll to your Fallout 76 installation directory (where Fallout76.exe resides). Do not place in the Data directory.

Game updates may require the mod to be updated. If the game version is not compatible you will be informed and the mod will be automatically disabled.

How it works

The mod adds the following functionality to the function that retrieves item information for the trading window:

For items that are of type BOOK (i.e. notes) and learnable (i.e. plans/recipes vs standard notes), the HasBeenRead game condition function determines whether a plan or recipe has already been read. If a plan has already been read the name is prefixed. No action is taken on unread plans and all other item types.


Not compatible with other mods that use dxgi.dll. For Reshade users, rename Reshade's DLL to d3d11.dll to use both together.

Source code: Github
Virustotal scan: Link

Thanks to CDante, Neeher, PhasedTM and GroteGrottrol for ideas and testing.