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High-resolution blood decals mod that complement the violence level of the Fallout series, now partly ported for Fallout 76!

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This is a port of dDefinder1's Enhanced Blood Textures mod from Fallout 4, and it has only new blood decals and meshes because of limitations of modding in Fallout 76. It also replaces some new blood decals from Fallout 76.


  • Fixed clipped ghoul blood decals
  • Replaced new decals introduced in Fallout 76 with decals from mod
  • Fixed glowing one green blood decal
  • Fixed red diamond shaped blood splash effect problem

  • Initial release


Put .ba2 files into your Data folder, then;

  1. If you already have sResourceIndexFileList entry in your Fallout76Custom.ini, add EnhancedBlood - Textures.ba2, EnhancedBlood - Meshes.ba2 to end of this listing.
  2. If you don't have this entry, you should add it under your [Archive] title like this:

sResourceIndexFileList = SeventySix - Textures01.ba2, SeventySix - Textures02.ba2, SeventySix - Textures03.ba2, SeventySix - Textures04.ba2, SeventySix - Textures05.ba2, SeventySix - Textures06.ba2, EnhancedBlood - Textures.ba2, EnhancedBlood - Meshes.ba2


All credits goes to dDefinder1 for allowing me to port his awesome Fallout 4 mod, Enhanced Blood Textures.