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~ slightly brighter map
~ 35 treasure map icons
~ icons for scorched and treasure hunter events
~ markings for many POI's

Permissions and credits
Thanks for downloading and using or trying out my map mod!

If you want to see if you are missing any Fast Travel Markers check out my other map mod here:
Fast Travel Marker Finder

Optional Files For pinup's Easy on the Eyes map mod:
pinupmap0.rar = The zero X's version of the pinupmap mod
pinupmap60.rar = The X's have an opacity of 60% on this pinupmap mod making them slightly more visible
pinupmap100.rar = The X's have an opacity of 100% on this pinupmap mod making them completely visible
pinupmapgold.rar = The X's are gold in color and have an opacity of 25% on this pinupmap mod
pinupmapmaps.rar = The Treasure Map Location Icons only version of the pinupmap mod

This is a WIP Map and my first FO76 modification using the info of 4 years of community posts of their findings and programs that have been created.
I made this for personal use and a couple players suggested that I share it with the community as other players may want to use it. 
I wanted less intrusive map and a more "easy on the eyes" map and one that mimics an original map and its markings.

~ Default map brightened a little bit
~ Treasure Hunter icons added for the higher populated spawn areas
~ Spooky and Holiday Scorched icons added next to Fast Travel icons

Some icon locations include:
~ The Deep Fast Travel
~ Unmarked Fissure Sites
~ 35 Treasure Map
~ Large Wood Pile
~ Slocum's Joe and Red Rocket
~ Mistress of Mystery Young Woman
~ Vertibird
~ Pulowski Preservation Shelter
~ X icons added for points of interests, safes and containers, random stuff, vehicles, underwater items and other finds around Appalachia
~ and more to come ...

Feel free to share and use the info or icons I have made.
I view this more of a community item and effort and the info shared is not something that I alone found to create or profit(receive donations) from!

I do wish to thank 3 members of the community directly:
KSD = for helping me with info on how to create a mod. He gave perfect instructions!
gilpo = for posting info about a map and program used for the info I was looking for. He is always active and helpful!
AHeroicLlama = for helping with map info and for making such an awesome program and sharing it with all of us!

Additional Thanks for members who helped:
TWFH1 = for pointing out an incorrect vendor icon placement
btriplet = for pointing out an incorrect vendor icon placement

And of course a big thanks goes to everyone in the community who has helped each other and gave their time without looking for anything in return!

If you want to share info or ideas you can contact me here or in discord at pinups#8674

~ Download Pinup's Easy On The Eyes Map Mod
~ Extract the .rar file
~ Pick what version of the map mod you want to use
~ Place the .ba2 file(not the folder) you want to use into your FO76/data folder
~ Add the correct .ba2 file name to your custom.ini file

Add the correct file info below to your custom.ini file if you do not have mods installed.
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = pinupmap.ba2

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = pinupmap0.ba2

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = pinupmap60.ba2

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = pinupmap100.ba2

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = pinupmapgold.ba2

If you want to share info or ideas you can contact me here or in discord at pinups#8674