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Mod removes heavy stun animation

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Returning my old mod.
1. No heavy stun when falling high;
2. No heavy stun in melee (you must have a weapon in your hand);
3. When Wendigo Colossus screams, you stay in your seat;
4. Quick entry and exit from power armor.

  • Place the contents of the (rar, 7z) in the data folder of Fallout 76: GameFolder ---> No_stunning_animation.ba2
  • Now go to Fallout76Custom.ini that is in x:\Users\PerfilName\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76 (if there is no Fallout76Custom.ini, then you need to create this file, or download)
  • Open the file, once inside put this text (only yellow text):
sResourceArchive2List = No_stunning_animation.ba2other mod.ba2, other mod.ba2, other mod.ba2, ...