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Makes creatures glow

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Warning, I may not have encountered some creatures yet to test if and how the glow mod works, so screenshots of missed mods creatures would be appreciated

Glow Packs: 
Eviction Notice Event: supers & green meat bags
A Colossal Problem event: Earle Williams (body - cyan, heads - magenta) + wendigos 
Moonshine Jamboree event emittance white. Incudes: ghouls, gulpers, anglers, fog crawlers
Various dogs & wolfs: emittance white (FEV Hound not included)

Creatures glow:
Super mutants: regular - yellow, firestarter - red, suicider - cyan | Less glowy version 50% | 25%
FEV Hound: regular - yellow, scorched - red
Cricket: regular- yellow, scorched - red, poison - green, black - blueberry, rad - cyan
Various (e.g. attack, feral) dogs: regular- yellow, scorched - red, wild - blueberry etc  (FEV Hound not included)
Gulper: regular- yellow, scorched - red, acid - green, diseased - blueberry etc | Emittance white
Angler: regular- yellow, scorched - red, diseased - blueberry etcEmittance white
Wendigo: regular- yellow, scorched - red, glowing - cyan
Deathclaw: regular- yellow, scorched - red, rad - cyan, alpha - blue etc
Grafton monster: regular - yellow, scorched - red
Earle Williams (ACP boss): body - cyan, heads - magenta | body - yellow, heads-cyan
Snallygaster: regular- yellow, scorched - red, rad - cyan etc
Yao guai: regular- yellow, scorched - red, savage - blueberry etc
Honey beast: regular- yellow, scorched - red, diseased - blueberry etc + different color for abdomen
Behemoth: regular - white , scorched - red
Mega sloth: regular- yellow, scorched - red
Hermit crab: regular- yellow, scorched - red, etc + different color for van
Fog crawler: scorched - red, rad - cyan etcEmittance white
Mole miners: emittance white
Feral Ghouls: emittance white
Mirelurk queen: emittance white
Sheepsquatch: emittance white
Radtoads glow: emittance white
Radscorpions glow: emittance white
Rats & mole rats glow: emittance white
Eyebots: emittance white
Scorched humans: emittance white

World objects: Glowing meat bags green or magenta

Installation: Put the .ba2 file in the fallout 76 data folder and add the filename of the .ba2 file to the [Archive] section in your Fallout76Custom.ini or use mod manager like Fallout 76 Quick Configuration

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