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Fixes the top of the buttplate on the power armor frame stretching when looking certain directions. Mesh-based so it's compatible with reskins.

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Fallout 4 Edition

The power armor chassis buttplate stretching finally started to bother me, so I checked out this mod by Mutiny666. Trouble is, it replaces the texture of the chassis, and I already use my own.

Rather than go through the trouble of adapting the texture I made, I decided to go with a more dynamic solution. This mod replaces the power armor chassis' mesh with a version with fixed vertex weighting so that the top of the buttplate is told to move with the pelvis (where the rest of the buttplate is) instead of the chest.

To install, first create a "Fallout76Custom.ini" in the following directory (if you don't already have one):
C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\

Then, put the following lines in the Fallout76Custom.ini:
sResourceArchive2List = PAButtplateFixRedux.ba2,

or, if you have multiple mods:
sResourceArchive2List = ExampleMod1.ba2, ExampleMod2.ba2, PAButtplateFixRedux.ba2,

then, simply place "PAButtplateFixRedux.ba2" in your Fallout 76 data directory, which by default is: