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This Mod alters the light field output of the Standart Powerarmor Helmet Lamp.
See the Picture for comparision the effect before/after the mod.

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Description :

I was always more into Exploring without Power Armor, because the normal Pip Boy light illuminates the Surrounding so much better, than the little crappy Power Armor Headlamp.
This Mod addresses this and makes the Standart Power Armor Helmet Lamp light up a much bigger Space than before, so that you don't miss any more Loot, cause it was too Dark, to see all the little thingies.

*' This does not seem to work with Helm Lamp Mods for the Power Armor, it works with all Standart Headlamps, Tested with Standart T-45,T-51-B.T-60,X-01 and Excavator Power Armor Helms*

*News Update* :
1. The Mod Lamps ar not Affected cause, (as it semms at the moment)  they use different light models in the nifs.
2. Its hard to find any Texture References by now, cause some tools like nifscope don't work with Fallout76 and you can't do all Modifications, especialy to the -nif meshes without that.If i find a way to alter the other Power Armor Headlamp Mods, i will add them to this.


1. Extract .ba2 file into your Data folder
2. Edit your Fallout76Custom.ini file by adding Diranars_PALight_Up.ba2 to the SResourceArchiveList2 line.

For a unmodded Fallout76Custom.ini, it should be like this:

sResourceArchive2List = SeventySix - ATX_Main.ba2, SeventySix - ATX_Textures.ba2, Diranars_PALight_Up.ba2

3. Start up Fallout76 and enjoy your new much better Power Armor Helmet Lamp !

De-Installation :

1. Delete the Diranars_PALight_Up.ba2 from your Fallout76/Data Directory

2. Remove the Diranars_PALight_Up.ba2 from the Archive Line in the Fallout76Custom.ini

3. Done