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Water flow stopped again (again, again, again...)
This mod will fix the bug and make the water flow again.
You can also use WaterFlowFixer(Bug fixing tool) to fix bugs by yourself.

Permissions and credits
The water flow bug, which was not fixed for many years, has been fundamentally fixed in update 44(20th June 2023),
so this mod is no longer needed.

Available following 8 languages.(* No bugs in other languages)
  • French (fr)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Korean (ko)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Portuguese (br)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Chinese (zhhans)
  • Chinese (zhhant)

 This mod conflicts with other mods that modify the strings file. (such as the sorting mod).
 However, you can easily avoid conflicts by using WaterFlowFixer (Water Flow Bug Fixing Tool).

How to use this mod:
  1. Put the WFA8.ba2 file in the Data folder of Fallout76.
  2. Add the WFA8.ba2 file name to the sResourceArchive2List in Fallout76Custom.ini.

How to use WaterFlowFixer (Fallout76 Water Flow Bug Fixing Tool):

1) Run WaterFlowFixer.exe. (* WaterFlowFixer does not access to Windows Registry Key and any networks)

2) Select the language you are using.

3) Load Strings File: If you want to load the BA2 Archive file, do so in this way.
  * If you are not using sorting mods, etc., then load 'Fallout76/Data/SeventySix - Localization.ba2'.

4) Load Strings File: If you want to load the un-archived STRINGS file, do so in this way.

5) If the loaded file does not need to be fix, this message will be displayed.

6) If the loaded file needs to be fix, this message will be displayed.

7) Fix... (Bug fix is instantaneous, but it will take bit time to reconstruct the STRINGS data)

8) If you fixes an un-archived STRINGS file, will be added "_WaterFlowFixed" to the fixed STRINGS file.
 * Rename(remove "_WaterFlowFixed") it before using it.

9) If you fixes an archived BA2 file, will be added "_WaterFlowFixed" to the fixed BA2 file.

10) WaterFlowFixed.ba2 will be output only if you have fixed SeventySix - Localization.ba2.
 SeventySix - Localization.ba2 contains STRINGS files for other languages that you don't need,
 but WaterFlowFixed.ba2 only packs the fixed one STRINGS file.

End) Fixed Ba2 file copy/move to Fallout76/Data, and add the fixed ba2 file name to your Fallout76Custom.ini.