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Tired of hunting through the grass for enemies to loot, or is all the grass in Appalachia making your potato PC beg for mercy? This simple .ini tweak eliminates most of the grass in Appalachia, making it easy to find and loot corpses, swing at radroaches biting you from the undergrowth and helping your tired old PC run the game at 60 fps.

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This is a simple .ini file designed to eliminate all the procedurally generated grass in Fallout 76. This makes it easy to find corpses after a chaotic fight, helps when fighting bugs and other small vermin hiding in the undergrowth, and also helps older PCs run the game at higher framerates.

NOTE: This is a simple Fallout76Custom.ini file. If you have already customized your Fallout 76 install by making changes in this file, you will need to merge this file with your existing Fallout76Custom.ini file. It's not hard, just copy and paste the contents of this .ini file into your existing Fallout76Custom.ini file. The file is placed into Documents\My Games\Fallout 76. Or, from the C: drive go to: C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76.