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Supporting 5120x1440 & 3440x1440
This modification allows users with ultrawide monitors to play the game utilizing the whole monitor.

Permissions and credits
Due to personal life, this mod will not be supported until further notice.


December Update:
-Supports game modes and area loot.
-Black panes (background glass) removed from inventory and crafting in 5120x1440 v1.7 and 3440x1440 v1.8

January Update:
-Removed mapmenu from all current/future publications until fixed.
-Rescaled workshop
-Rescaled radialmenu
-Centered vatsmenu
-Centered respawn text on person and in map

This modification is built upon the idea that manifested into 'Imperfect Ultrawide'.
However, this mod includes support to multicraft and is developed to work in tandem with other mods, rather than being a purely standalone mod that makes the gamer have to choose between one mod or the other. 

Please be sure to visit the bottom of this guide to see the people credited, and to see the brilliant mods they have on Nexus.
Also, please be sure to consider joining the tiny discord for more direct communication should any issue arise, remember; This is a BETA.
Lastly, please consider to assist with the further development of this mod via ideas, programming knowledge, be a tester or donate a sandwich!

This mod will edit the following elements, and might therefore overwrite or crash with any mod that targets the same files.

  1. Challengeflyout.swf
  2. Examinemenu.swf
  3. Fadermenu.swf
  4. Hudmenu.swf
  5. Mainmenu.swf
  6. Overlay.swf
  7. Scorewidget.swf
  8. Seventysixmenu.swf
  9. Vatsmenu.swf
  10. Mapmenu.swf
  11. Securetrade.swf

Compatible mods (Tested):
  1. Sort Friend Request
  2. Improved Health Bars
  3. Text Chat
  4. InventOmatic pipboy
  5. Better Inventories
  6. SaveEverything
  7. Perk Loadout Manager
  8. Fast UI (Injection)

Microsoft version of Fallout 76 will experience issues with names above characters.
I do not intend to rectify this. 
Microsoft is by that extent only semi-compatible with this modification. 

  1. During launching the game and the loads within the game, do not Alt+Tab to windows. This may interfere with loading of interface and break the resolution. Alt+Tab to windows before and after launch and loads works fine.

Ultrawide reloaded vs UltraWide 32:9:
This mod is based upon the same changes UltraWide 32:9's author did when evolving Imperfect Ultrawide.
Ultrawide reloaded does tackle some issues that ultrawide 32:9 does not. 
  •  All the modifications done by UltraWide 32:9 is included in this mod
  •  Crafting: The crafting-bar to create multiple items is working in this mod
  •  Compatibility: While UltraWide 32:9 left all hud-elements that Text Chat utilizes, this mod moves them in order to truly have an ultrawide experience.
  •  Installation: This mod comes in the form of a .ba2-installation rather than a strict archive2-merge.

Installation instructions:

Manual installation:
If you do not already use it, Please download: SFE to display names correctly. This mod has loaders inside it for Text Chat.
Extract the UltrawideReloaded.ba2-file to your Fallout 76 Data folder (Default: Bethesda.net Launcher/Games/Fallout76/Data)
Navigate to your Fallout 76 settings folder in "My Games" (Default: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76)
Add the name "UltrawideReloaded.ba2" to your Fallout76Custom.ini-file's list, separated by comma like this: 

(If no other mods):
sResourceArchive2List = UltrawideReloaded.ba2

(if other mods already installed):
sResourceArchive2List = OtherModName.ba2, OtherOtherModName.ba2, UltrawideReloaded.ba2

Remember: UltrawideReloaded should be the last mod to load in the list!

Keretus - the mod author of: Event NotificationsImproved health barsSFESave EverythingNo Autoscrap and Perk Loadout Manager.
For sending hud-elements with written loaders/references to ensure compatibility with mods.
Root - the mod manager and author of: Easy sorting and tagging and Sort Friend Request.
Co-author of Ultrawide mod, friend and reason we natively have implemented friend request sorting.
Matakor - mod author of: Imperfect Ultrawide.
For starting to create mods for Ultrawide monitors and inspire the development of this mod.

Any and all modifications of Fallout 76 is not supported by Bethesda (ref: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/44429/kw/mod)
Any and all modifications created and uploaded to Nexusmods.com is done by the community to better the experience of players to some extent, and I employ you to understand firstly that we are only humans enjoying the game, secondly, we do not get payed or endorsed by any company to create mods and should therefore not be subjegated to any expectations or harassment due to delivery quality, content or upload frequency. Most of all, I employ you to respect the commonplace rule of intellectual property and respecting what has been produced. If you do not have strict permission from author of a mod, do not copy its content or modify its gamefiles for sharing or personal use. Thank you for being part of a community and respecting other members of that community - we are stronger together.