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Thanks to Leito86 for making EVB and Mkdo40 for porting EVB to 76. This mod replaces scorched with sack hooded humanoid equivalents. Now less buggy.

Permissions and credits
Many thanks to Leito86 for making the original Enhanced Vanilla Bodies for Fallout 4 and Mkdo40 for porting Enhanced Vanilla Bodies to Fallout 76 and giving me permission to use it with this mod.

My other mods can be found here

I have replaced the scorched with sack hooded humanoid equivalents.
The original idea was raiders but head meshes are weird to replace.
Normal human heads have morphs and stuff, and scorched have 4 different heads so I just used sack hoods.
Plus the scorched have all these outfits for certain areas, so i just used the human equivalent of those outfits rather than replacing them with a bunch of raider ones.
Some outfits may look out of place since there is no "dirty" variant.
Currently, heads do not gib properly sack hoods will fall to the ground.
If anyone can fix this that would be cool.
Scorched also only use the male hand type it seems so female hands may look messed up.
Seems they use the hands on the outfits themselves.
So with that said, current version has some models missing hands too, and bodies.
I have fixed those bugs
The solution I have would be to make the hands invisible and add the female and male hands to all the outfits that need them.
Unfortunately I lack the technical skills to do them all though.
1.2 is out now.
I used Outfit Studio to fix everything.