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Replaces the music in the main menu with an acoustic guitar version of the Fallout theme song.

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Installation involves editing the SeventySix - Startup.Ba2 with Archive2 from the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, or other archive editor.

When adding files, use the Add Folder option and add the 'Music' folder from the downloaded zip file.
You don't have to remove any files from the archive, adding these new ones overwrites the original so be sure to BACKUP THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FIRST.

Keep in mind, when Fallout 76 officially releases, it may overwrite this and revert it back to vanilla.

Use this tutorial video by Neeher, but know that you are installing to the SeventySix - Startup.Ba2 and adding the "Music" folder downloaded in this mod.

Song performed by maltewendtcovers