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  • Grechen Fast Start Vanilla Assets 14 Settlements

    This is my first attempt so be gentle  Thank You

    Character save game with 14 settlements built in vanilla assets, a few with settlers. No Mnute Men, No Brotherhood, No Railroad have been accessed, all are available for you to begin at your leisure. Only thing are the settlements have been built, no quests started except to obtain individual settlements. No Diamond city quest started including Nick & Kellogg

    Settlements Include:
    Sanctuary(Player Home) All goodies found here. Including power armours.
    Sunshine Tidings
    Croup Manor
    Outpost Zimmonji
    Jamaica Plains
    Coastal Cottage
    Starlight Drive in
    Spectacle Island
    Taffington Boathouse
    Murkwater Construction

  • City Plan Details

    Red rocket “The Scrap Yard” a settlement from Karvocs Kollections

    This settlement purpose it to process raw scrap it is all about making sure other settlements can grow.  

    Supports 17 settlers
    Levels: 3
    Balanced: no
    Player home: no
    File type ESP 


  • Detailed Description of Plots Resources Requirements and Other Information

    This provides additional details for each plot, including bonuses/penalties, resources produced, the skins available, and some additional synergies that will appear if you have them as well as recommendations for when specific plots should be used and their purpose. 

    Settlement Radar Stations

    Slocum Joe's Workshop

    Residential Plots

    Glory Days - Single Settler
    Size - 2x2
    Description - A residential that's heavy on the baseball paraphernalia. My own private tribute to the baseball furies of the film The Warriors. 

    Commercial Plots 

    Old World Diner - Custom Vendor
    Creation Club Synergy...

  • Dropped requests

    Survivalist Go-Bags... not my cup of tea
    Canteens of the Commonwealth - Author requires his mod to be master
    Punk Crowbar... a crowbar?? why?
    NPC Utility Belt... NPC's don't use Mines and only three companions use Stealthboys - not worth the effort
    Grenade Expansion Pack 2... Add 720+ objects manually? Not going to happen...
    Real Throwing Weapons... not adding equipment with custom meshes for the moment
    PIP-Pad... dropped for now because of custom meshes, but I like the idea
    Wasteland Imports... has custom meshes

  • EN - How to set quest tags for a mod

    > How it works - The basics !
    > How do I add tags ?
    > How to customize icons/tags ?

    *Quests Tags* is a very simple mod that prefixes quests with keywords
    It covers the Main Game and the DLCs, and a very few complementary mods but leaves many others unsupported.

    Since the amont of mods to cover is too huge for me, the community can easily cover them with few steps.

    How it works - The basics

    I used ©Bethesda's Creation Kit (CK) to collect all quests from the main mod & the DLCs, but be at ease, you won't need it to create a patch for quests tags.
    In fact, for the few patches supported I just edited the quests labels, so only the very basics of mod editing/translating is re...

  • Bug Fixes - Suggestions

    Feel free to post about anything you think I might be able to improve on....

  • Captain Price

    There is a radio classic. It has 29 tracks. There is an OST Call of duty modern warfare 2019. Can you guess how many tracks there are? 29. I decided to make a replacer mod for myself, I love this OST, and I'm tired of vanilla and lore friendly music. Decided to share. It does not conflict with anything, it is compatible with everything blah blah blah, the mod does not replace music directly in files, when you delete it, your radio will return back. Thanks....

  • Project Changelog

    format shamelessly stolen from the GregTech mod for Minecraft

    PLEASE NOTE: Releases containing fixes marked should be upgraded to immediately. Those bugs can break your game!


    Work in progress. May get pushed to future version if other issues come up first
    New feature, may be experimental, may be buggy, may be removed later
        Established feature now does something different
            Bug fix, or may also be code improvement to avoid possible bugs.
         Special change or exception made for specific mod compatibilities.
    Feature added, removed or changed in Mod Configuration Menu
    Critical bug fix. Addresses something that can be potentially game breakin...

  • Advanced Debugging

    Included in the mod is a debug version of the code that will generate a huge amount of logging into s pecial log file.
    Only do this if instructed by me, and when done you should undo the changes otherwise you will have issues when updating the mod.

    Enable debug logging:
    - in your "Fallout4Custom.ini" file in your "My documents\My Games\Fallout4" directory add the following lines to the end


    Install the debug version:
    - Use 7zip to extract the following file from the mod's archive you downloaded from Nexus
    "FPVertibirdscript.pex" (it is under the FPVoptions folder in the archive)
    - now create a directory called FPVertibird under your main fallout 4 "scripts" directory (something l...

  • Special Legendary Enhancement

    I've made special stuff. For doggies. For people.However when you get in a Mech that goes out the window.

    Not anymore. You can pop a +10 to all special stats in each piece of mech, right in the legendary slot....

  • How to IKAROS Series: Change Body Material with Armor Equipped

    Any supported armor/clothing has mod slots, go to a armor workbench and apply the skin material you want onto the armor, I know it's strange, but it's the only way to get it to work. An example of a supported armor is the Vault111 suit....

  • Adding bulge sliders to outfits

    Howdy and welcome to my little tutorial on adding crotch bulge sliders to outfits, I hope this tutorial can serve as a gate for you to start using and learning more about Outfit studio, this tutorial is intended for people who at least know how to use bodyslide
    the outfit im using for this tutorial is pampas bodysuit number 10

    STEP 1

    Alright, the first thing you want to do is go and open up bodyslide, if you dont know how to do that you should go google a bodyslide tutorial
    once its open find what outfit you want to add a bulge slider to, and hit the little open in outfit studio button shown here

    STEP 2

    once outfit studio is open there should be a window on the right listing all the pieces of t...

  • How to IKAROS Series: TehDemu's guide to Success (Install - Plugins)

    A Guide

    I've spent a day scratching this. In this very brief guide I'm going to go over a few of the more popular glitches I've encountered, and how I've solved them, including but not limited to the pipboy glitches, preset glitches, hair and eyebrow glitches, head colour glitches, etc.

    Mod List Advice

    Buffout 4

    There are two mods that can majorly screw this mod up that I found in my modlist. The first is Buffout 4, which can cause massive issues with Looksmenu. If you have Buffout4 installed and try to activate an IKAROS profile, you'll crash instantly.

    Fortunately this is an easy solve: 

    Go to F4SE\Plugins\Buffout4.toml,
    Open the file in Notepad.
    Scroll to the bottom and change...

  • Precombines and previs project progress

    One common criticism of my two mods are that since they change some places in Nuka-World, there can be loss of sprinting, FPS issues and graphical issues sometimes. The way for me to solve all of the issues is to regenerate precombines and previs for both mods.

    Bethesda's generator that was released to generate precombines and previs, is a very buggy tool. I had stairs break until a very clever user told me of a workaround to exclude them. I often have to generate the necessary optimisations more than once and cross my fingers that it worked. Now, with recent developments in this area, I am seeing some progress although due to the buginess of the tools, it will unfortunately be slower than I would like it to be.

    So, I will work on the necessary optimisations in stag...

  • the reason this is unfinished

    I will not be working on this mod anymore i just cant figure out how to use the creation kit i even used fo4edit i cant figure it out now i hope that someone will want to try and finish my work you can even take the credit i dont care I honestly wanted to see my dream brotherhood mod become a reality. If you are interested in finishing my aweful bit contact me when you did i would absolutely love to try it....

  • How to IKAROS Series: Getting 3B Physics to work

    simply add this to the whitelist bone section 



  • Using xedit to convert Npc's from other mods.

    If there ever is an NPC or in some cases, NPC's from other mods like The Train, Diamond City Expansion, or any mod that adds NPC's or followers, that you want to turn into cute Anime characters, there is a relatively easy way! All you need is xedit, or FO4edit, in this case.

    When I was starting out, I used petrifiedichor's tutorial here : https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/7616648-nanakochan-npc-replacer/page-8

    But as he said, it's a bit of a lengthy process that is also prone to human error, I managed to speed up the process by a little, but I'll give you a basic run down because it's a very good tutorial.

    1. Open Xedit.

    2. Select the mod you want to use.

    3. In the NPC section of the mod, pick any actors that use the "...

  • Comentarios sobre os trajes dos refugios

     Você sabia que seu traje de refúgio pode desencadear comentários especiais? Não? Bem, no jogo de baunilha esses comentários são acionados por um traje de refúgio específico: aquele que você está usando quando acorda de seu cochilo de 200 anos. O que este mod faz é modificar o jogo de baunilha, e então os comentários ao invés de serem acionados somente pelo traje do refúgio 111 eles são acionados pela palavra-chave "VaultSuitKeyword" que é usada por todos os outros trajes de refúgio do jogo e por certas armaduras adicionadas por mods como o Vault Leather...

  • I have a bug with the mod

    Comment it here, or create a new topic. I'll check it out and will release patches ASAP....

  • The Blood is the Life and A Tragedy of Love: A Short Story. Contains all the holotape record I wrote for this mod so Spoiler Warning

    The Blood is the Life & A Tragedy of Love
    Victoria’s Memories
    At Which Hour We First Hath Met
    I wast once young and lone. I hadst nay family and did rely on the rare charity of oth'rs to survive. I wenteth hungry, I wast desp'rate, so I did sell thine own flesh to liveth. I nev'r hath felt loveth and the careth I wouldst receiveth wouldst fade liketh a drop of sorrow in the rain.
    I just did want someone to careth f'r me, to behold at me, with loveth freely given. It nev'r cameth. Such wast a liveth not w'rth living so thoust decided to endeth it.

    I did plan to jumpeth from the cliff, near the boardwalk wh're I hath live, into the sea, to returneth to the wat'r from which we did spring. But, it wast yond night wh're I hart met mine own savi'r, mine ...