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  • June update

    Added UCP, OCP, Desert Three-Color, and NWU camo patterns...

  • Weapon patch notes

    Weapon Patch Notes
    Detailed below are details pertaining to each weapon patch, including features.
    Each weapon can be purchased from the Boston Armament Exhibits trader from the Market Terminal and has ZX-1 support.
    You need the mod files from the pages linked, my patches are esp marked light but they do not replace the original plugin.

    FN P90
    Author: TheShinyHaxorus
    Expand for details

    Ammo set: 5mm, 10mm
    Firemodes: Selective
    Trader Cost: 2000 caps
    Trader skill: 60


    Magazine capacity based on calibre - 50 rnds for 5mm and 24 rnds for 10mm (representing the FO2 H&K P90c)
    Damage balanced between the SMG and R5A
    Attachment management for the laser pointer

  • Previsibines and PRP

    PRP refers to Previsibines Repair Pack (PRP) Stable Branch. This mod contains 2 plugins, PPF. esm which is a bunch of bug fixes, and PRP.esp, which regenerates previsibines since PPF.esm breaks them.

    Previsibines is a slang term for previs/precombines which are a couple of ways that the game improves performance.

    Everything in the game is made from a mesh. Precombines takes a bunch of meshes and merges them into one, so instead of 10 meshes getting loaded, only one does, which improves performance.

    Previs is another way to improve performance by not rendering items that are behind something that is currently blocking your view. Like if you stand in front of a wall, nothing behind that wall is rendered. The less that needs to be rendered, the better the ...

  • Rebuild FAQs


    1. Load order?

    PPF.esm (This is part of PRP if you are using it)
    Rebuild - Shared Resources - Put this high in your load order. It is all new stuff and will not conflict with any other mods.
    Rebuild AIO or Standalones
    Rebuild Patches (excluding Previsibine or PRP patches) - Also check the file description as I normally put load orders there for the patches.
    PRP.esp (If you are using PRP)
    Rebuild Previsibine or PRP patches - Put these low in your load order.

    If you don't use the Previsibine or PRP patches, the main mods do break precombines and have to be put at the bottom of your load order or you need to disable precombines in your INI (NOT RECOMMENDED).

    2. What are the Previsibine and PRP patches for?

  • Patch Release

    First patch for weightless Ammo for Horizon has been released! The patch is currently for version 1.9.3 alpha. The download for the Horizon version can be found here! (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17374?tab=files&file_id=273671&nmm=1).

    Note: this patch can be taken down at a moments notice, if requested by Zawinul or any of the Horizon team. ...

  • Things I have covered (and notes where applicable)

    1. Stock Fallout 4 Weapons

    Generally made them cleaner in appearance, metal is of a darker hue, except for a few cases where I wanted the items to stand out like Plasma and the Gamma Gun.

    2. Stock Fallout 4 Ammo

    Made the boxes and ammo cleaner looking. The boxes had some low res readable text and some pictures that were scraped off. I always go by the popup name for the item and have never stopped to actually read the boxes, the text is generally too poor to read under most circumstances

    3. Stock Fallout 4 Vehicles

    Generally defaults to a "clean, Pre-War look" in nigh all cases. 

    4. Pipboy

    No dust on screen, all black background, no crud on plastic or metal parts

  • SNT Motiv (Daewoo) K5

    It is a 9mm caliber automatic pistol developed by Daewoo Precision Industries, the predecessor of SNT Motif, a Korean munitions company, since 1984.
    대한민국의 군수업체 SNT모티브의 전신인 대우정밀공업이 1984년부터 개발한 9mm 구경 자동권총.

    ∎ Do not upload this mod except Oppressor08's permission. (Especially mod pack.)
    ∎ This mod contains commercial license resources by Oppressor08. If you need to reupload this mod, contact him.
    ∎ 이 모드를 압제자(Oppressor08)님 허가 없이 재업로드(재배포)하지 마세요. (특히 모드팩에 사용하지 마세요.)
    ∎ 해당 모드는 압제자(Oppressor08)에 의해 제작된 상업 라이센스를 가진 리소스를 포함하고 있습니다. 모드...


    Is a simple but useful mod that removes the action points usage from gun bash and minigun shredder.

  • Fallout 4 - Export custom player face into Blender 3.0 (Face Gen Export)

    I'm making this tutorial since I wanted to export this mod's LooksMenu preset into a non-Fallout 4 format, but I barely could find anything useful. Everything went back and forth, were multiple random comments in LoversLab or some god knows how old forum thread that probably will be removed soon, or was about Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which apparently is easier to get your face exported from, but with Fallout 4, you need to go quite the lengths to do so.

    However, after hours, I finally figured it out.

    Required products:

    Fallout 4 (Duh)
    Face Ripper
    Blender, preferably version version 3.0 and forwards. As of writing this, I am using Blender 3.5. You can install it either from their website or Steam.
    NIF to Blender-addon

  • Play in pseudo first person view

    This is Google Translation.
    Table currently unavailable. I don't know how to write table in BBCODE.

    Japanese is here.

    I tried to create an environment where I can play in a pseudo-first-person perspective.


    You can see your body when you look down, your boobs are plump.
    The animation for the 3rd person viewpoint is played as it is.


    Makes it harder to aim with the crosshair.
    Hands and weapons are hard to see.
    It is not compatible with 360 degree movement.
    You can't equip a real head armor because you need to equip a special head armor that makes you look transparent to remove the annoying head. Eye glasses and mouth gas mask can be equipped.
    If yo...

  • AR-15 weapon mods on Nexus


    This article compiles AR-15 weapon mods you can find on Nexus. Also includes information about the actual weapons they are based on, for comparison and categorization purposes.

    This article is updated at June 2, 2023.

    Real world AR-15 rifle types and evolution

    ArmaLite AR-15

    Original model designed in 1956 by ArmaLite. Unlike later models, it used .223 Remington ammunition.

    ArmaLite AR-15


    First Colt versión, with 20" barrel length. Uses standard issued 5.56mm ammo with standard issued STANAG magazines.

    M16, with original 20 round magazine


    Includes several improvements, including the addition of the...

  • The Master Sword and Sacred Grove

    To celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom here is a little treat I've been working on for a little while. I hope you enjoy it as a fellow Legend Of Zelda fan

    This mod brings various things to fallout 4 including:

    A scratch made Master Sword and Scabbard
    Fully custom made 3D models and textures for all the included assets added.
    With the Master Sword and Scabbard being based on Twilight Princess's rendition of it.

    Dark Link Sword and Scabbard Variant
    A different variant of the sword and scabbard that is slightly less powerful and can be found in the museum of witchcraft. 

    Both versions of the swords are sheathable
    Scripted so the sword will appear on your back when you shea...

  • Reduced serration

    可以改配置文件来调最大放大倍率   降低锯齿

    Condition Boy and Girl\MCM\Config\ConditionBoy\config.json

    "help": "The size of Condition Boy.",
      "valueOptions": {
    "sourceType": "ModSettingFloat",
    "min": 0,
    "max": 2,
    "step": 0.01

    max 2  → 3   

    再在mcm里面调比例大小 2.5 或2.75  就不会有那么多锯齿了


  • on the topic of the save file

    the save file I included is not needed, but given as a "helper" as manually stripping SH while keeping roads intact is time consuming and frankly a pain in the ass.
    It is FGemale char only as of yet but......

  • Challenge: Trials of Atom

    Interested in a delirium challenge?

    Give the Trials of Atom a try!

    This one is very simple in ideation, but treacherous in execution.

    Rules are simple:
    must start the trials before level 3.
    you are not allowed to fast travel until the trials are complete.

    from sanctuary, reach the crater of atom.
    you may explore the crater and loot whatever is not marked as owned.
    when finished, return to sanctuary on foot without fast traveling.
    once you arrive to sanctuary, your trials are over.

    there are a few powerful lootables in the crater that are worth picking up.

    My personal best;
    Difficulty: Survival
    Deaths: 0
    Time Required: 1 hour a...

  • Compatibility Patches for SKK Commonwealth of Decay (Openworld Survival)

    More patches will be added as I have time, check back regularly to see if anything new has been added.

    I've taken an interest in running SKK's Commonwealth of Decay (Open World Survival) mod.  I don't run the CoD mode, but use the Open World mode to turn Fo4 into a sandbox for settlement building, zombie fests, etc.  With his mod and other mods such as Feral Nights, Feral Infestations, and Zombie Walkers, I've been able to create a world similar to The Walking Dead Tv series.

    SKK's Commonwealth of Decay (Open World Survival) mod essentially removes all human npcs and replaces them with your choice of Feral, Synth, Raider....  The downside of removing the human npcs is that it breaks many other mods that I like to run in my game.  So I created several patch m...

  • Advice for New Players

    Advice for New Users

    I felt I should offer a piece of advice regarding the changes at the museum of freedom, aka "that damn deathclaw!"

    While the deathclaw is now exceptionally more dangerous, it is still killable. However, you will need to use various tactics to accomplish this. Ideally, you should avoid the encounter all together, and come back later when you are better equipped. But, if you intend to kill the deathclaw as soon as possible, I recommend a few of the following approaches.


    Hunt down the key for the cryolator that is hidden within vault 111 before leaving (yes, the key is hidden inside), and collect or craft some Jet after leaving. Using the cryolator with jet, is a pretty effective way to kill the deathclaw, so be sure to ...

  • Tutorial - Enable trace logs to debug ECO

    If you're experiencing a problem with one of ECO's features and want to report it, it is extremely helpful if you include ECO's debug/trace log right away. That way I don't have to make guesses. Those logs contain information about the processes running in the background when you use certain features that have scripted components.

    To start using the logs you first have to enable that functionality. This is achieved by making changes to your Fallout4Custom.ini in the folder ..\Documents\My Games\Fallout 4\. It should look like this:


    Alternatively, you could use BethINI to enable those functions. The respective options within BethINI are found under the General tab and Papyrus section. There...

  • Simple powered turret towers

    Five powered and five unpowered turret towers , they are single and duel stands....

  • Apologise for lack off new updates

    New Updates are currently in the works
    However I decided to take a bit of a break to prevent burnout 
    i thusly apologies for any inconvience...