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  • Modding YAE 101: Creating a Patch

    00.) FOREWORD
    Since my release, there have been a lot of question of how to do this or that with YAE, and it has made me realize that despite so many people having access to xEdit, they do not quite seem to understand how to use it. Consider this a beginner's entry to using xEdit in general, where we will be using YAE as the main focus. I'll try to be as thorough and detailed as possible. Despite how it looks, xEdit really isn't that complicated, and all of this can be done in a short amount of time, once your more familiar with how the program is setup.

    If you're already familiar with how to make your own patches in this way, then this Article could still apply to you. This is because we will be editing the base damage given by our weapon Skills. A slightly complicated,...

  • Alteration To Subway Runner


    Subway Runner was made by a simple yet effective Prefab Cell logic.

    The original mod used prebuild Tunnels, Stations and Turns, all with pregenarated Navmesh. Then any of those cells was polished to fit the environment and overall game logic.

    Subway Runner Revised (SRR) is a remake which focuses on building unique cells, tunnels, stations based on the real world station design. Tunnel length is the exact LOD map distance. The distance player char travels on the "upper world" ensembles the distance of the "lower world", the tunnels. Any connection to other cells is made upon this logic. This, btw. is a very tricky and extensive, yet time consuming way but i feel its the only way to make the game much more interesting. It also casts a different vi...

  • Deutsche Uebersetzung

    Ich hoffe die Übersetzung gefällt euch. Wenn euch Fehler auffallen, dann meldet sie gerne!...

  • pinky promise this is the last one - HOW TO CHANGE THE SLOT OF THE TAIL

    this is another super quick one! i will be using language similar to my matswap article so check it out if you get confused, ARMA- armor addon, ARMO - armor

    open xedit
    open ARMA and ARMO tabs
    edit the slot from 57 (for the tail) to, idk, 58
    do the same for the other tab and for the other tail, if you're feeling brave copy the record and make it a new item

    done, you know the rules, any issues hit me up i won't scream at ya...

  • Death Distribution

    On Death Distribution (by sasnikol)
    available in SPID 3.0.0+


    A special kind of distribution that occurs only when NPC dies. In SPID 2 and lower it was known as DeathItem. But now this concept is extended to allow any supported Distributable Form to be marked as On Death Distributable Form, even though not all Distributable Forms make sense to be distributed on death, perhaps you will find a creative use for it :D

    Note that On Death Distribution also supports Exclusive Groups and can be used by Linked Distribution.


    Syntax is very similar to regular entries, with one key difference - FormType is prefixed with Death keyword.
    DeathFormType = FormOrEditorID|StringFil...

  • Linked Distribution

    Linked Distribution (by sasnikol)
    available in SPID 3.0.0+


    Linked Forms define unconditional distribution by linking to other Distributable Forms*. They use the same ordering rules as regular entries. When a parent entry is distributed, all Linked Forms are automatically distributed as well to the same NPC.

    Linked Distribution is not recursive, so linking forms to other Linked Forms won't cause a cascading distribution. Only immediate "descendants" of the original Distributable Form will be distributed.

    Finally, Linked Forms are also controlled by Exclusive Groups, so that if Linked Forms are part of an Exclusive Group and another form from the same group is being distributed, then Linked Forms won'...

  • Exclusive Groups

    Exclusive Groups (by sasnikol)
    available in SPID 3.0.0+


    Exclusive Groups define sets of distributable forms where only one from the set can be distributed at any time.
    Ordering and other distribution rules are unaffected by Exclusive Group. The entry that is distributed first according to default ordering will prevent all other entries from the same Exclusive Group to be distributed to the same NPC.

    Note, that Exclusive Groups also affect Linked Distribution and On Death Distribution.


    ExclusiveGroup = GroupName|FormsList
             required                             required               required  


  • FormIDs and You

    FormIDs and You by (by sasnikol)
    available since forever 

    The algorithm for writing FormID in _DISTR file is the following:

    Grab a FormID in xEdit (or by any other means)
    If plugin is one of the base game's plugins (Fallout4.esm or one of the DLCs (but not the Creation Club)) skip go straight to step #5.
     For ESP/ESM plugins delete first 2 digits (so the result will contain only 6 digits), for ESL (ESLified) plugins delete first 5 digits (so the result will contain only 3 digits)
     Append to the end of this result the exact plugin name (including file extension) with tilde (~). e.g. ~MyMod.esp.
    If the result contains any leading zeros remove all of them.
    Finally, prefix what's left with 0x.
    Now you'll have ...

  • SPID: The Complete Reference

    SPID: The Complete Reference (by sasnikol)
    as of SPID 3.0.0

    Everything you need to know to start creating SPID mods.

    Table of Contents

    General Distribution Info
    How does SPID load configs?
    When distribution happens?
    In what order forms are distributed?
    Form Type
     Type Inferring
    Distributable Form
     String Filters
    Supported Strings
      String Expression Modifiers
    Form Filters
     Supported Filterable Forms
      Form Expression Modifiers
    Level Filters
    Supported Values

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: "The blades are just white sticks/have no color!"

    A: Bloom has been disabled and must be re-enabled for the blades to show color. All the blades rely on bloom to generate the colored aura (something that's mentioned in the description, but can be easy to miss) and if the bloom effect is disabled, the blades will just render as white sticks. To fix this, check your mods for any that disable bloom, check your game settings to make sure bloom hasn't been disabled there, and if you have ENB installed check the enbseries.ini or the in-game settings menu to see if bloom has been disabled there. If you want your saber to glow like how it do in my screen...

  • Making an Ammo Patch for Munitions Advanced Calibers

    How to make a patch for this mod using fo4 edit.

    In the Module Selection window:
    Right click > Select none.
    Then find Munitions - Advanced Calibers and the mod you want to patch, and select both. This will select any master files for these plugins automatically.

    Once they have loaded:
    Expand the Munitions - Advanced Calibers.esp
    Expand the Ammunition category.
    For faster navigation, you can bookmark the first record in the ammunition section using Control + 1, 2, 3, etc. Access these bookmark shortcuts using ALT + 1, 2, 3, etc.

    If you are just changing the ammunition used by a weapon by default:
    Expand the "Weapon" category of the mod you are patching.
    Select all weapons you want to change the ammunition of...

  • Readme

    =========Dragonpact Games Presents==========
    ========Advanced Perks for Fallout 4========
    Author: Moogrim
    Current Version: 0.3.3
    1. Overview
    2. Installation
    3. Uninstallation
    4. Compatibility
    5. Perk Changes
    6. New Perk Ranks
    7. Known Issues
    8. Changelog
    9. Contact
    The wasteland is a dangerous place. It’s downright savage to anyone who comes in unprepared. But that’s why you’re here, right? Advanced Perks adds a new rank to 55 different perks in Fallout 4 with requirements up to level 60. These new ranks not only make each perk better, but they add new effects that were previously missing and help make your character uniquely powerful in ways...

  • i want MORE matswap slots - what is a bgsm file and how do i make more

    this will be a short one (unlike the other one XD)

    bgsm file is, basically a libary of locations for stuff, it knows where textures are, where specular maps are and where "normal" maps are (rookie mistake, normal (aka _n.dds files dont have the textures, _d has that)

    you need material editor and my mod, open any BGSM file (EXCEPT THE ONE THAT ENDS WITH P ITS AN EXCEPTION DUE TO IT HAVING THE IRIDECENT MATSWAP) in the materials>sqarex>inarifox and you will see what i meant above, if you want to make a 27th matswap you gotta change the name of the diffuse thingy from InariSippoXYZ to InariSippoAA (for example, i recommend sticking to my naming scheme so you dont get confused in xedit)

    perfect, now, if you wanna have the tail/ears normal thats where y...


    PSA for any modders willing to help:
    Only problem I am encountering is that the items previews don't show up in the workshop menu. They do work for wall flags? But only if I leave the set Art Object blank? Like everything is blank, nothing has a model preview when you look at it in the workshop EXCEPT wall flags. Yet if I give them a corresponding Art Object, it breaks. If any fellow modders have any idea how I can fix this, please let me know and help me. This took me an embarrassingly long time to make because of the constant dev testing and such, but you are more than welcome to look through the code as much as you want if it'll help you out. I don't expect anyone else to ACTUALLY understand what's wrong, but if you can find what's wrong, please help me. Thx.
    (I was thinking...

  • How 2 make your own matswap (both ears and the tail)

    1. the textures and installation

    Okay first things first you will need 3 things, photoshop (gimp will probably do too but idk where to get the plugin required for it), xedit (any version will do but i use 4.0.3 myself) and Intel Texture Works plugin for photoshop

    when you have all of that open the textures folder, sqarex and then inarifox, once you're here select what you're going to base your plugin off (for stuff like patterns i reccomend white aka InariSippoA, for color replacers InariSippo_d, when it asks you about mipmaps DO NOT check the box we will take care of thoose later

    (sidenote, if you use mo2 right click the mod in the modlist and select open in explorer, you wont need to search for it)

    once you choose whatever and make edi...

  • List of fixed vanilla issues

    This mod fixes the following issues/bugs with junk items. Parentheses indicate update version in which the bug is fixed.

    Note that this list only includes confirmed/likely issues, and the balancing changes themselves have been omitted due to their high number.

    Base game

    160lb Dumbbbell: Renamed to 160lb Barbell
    Aluminum Oil Can: Now actually yields aluminum instead of steel
    Aluminum Tray: Renamed to Lidless Food Tin since it doesn't yield aluminum (The Aluminum Tray name is used by the Tray item in this mod)
    (1.1) Carlisle Typewriter: Fixed item lacking physics
    (1.1) Collander: Corrected spelling
    Gear: Renamed to Large Gear to avoid confusing it with the Gears component
    (1.1) Military Grade Duct Tape: Corrected ...

  • Expansion Content and Plans

    Version 1.01.1
    Changed lighting in new stations to be in line with vanilla stations.
    Changed lighting in tunnels to be moodier/darker, borrowed settings from ELFx.
    Connected Vault-88 to "West Roxbury <-> Scrap Palace" Tunnel. Door is locked behind key found in Vault-88.
    "West Roxbury <-> Scrap Palace" renamed to "Abandoned Tunnel" -- Scrap Palace isn't a station.
    Fixed Fenway Station door to outside sometimes placing the player behind the door.
    Made Fenway Station interior door match the exterior door.

    Logic: Vault-88's Station's entrance and West Roxbury Station's entrance are only a few meters apart in vanilla. Being so close one could reasonably deduce they're both the same station, separated by collapsed...

  • Feedback:

    Версия 1.1 Игра пройдена за Институт. Больше чистых поселений. Спасибо, увидимся в новых обновлениях.

    Version 1.1 The game was completed as the Institute. More clean settlements. Thanks, see you in new updates....

  • ECO Extension Description Hub

    Available Extension Descriptions:

    Burst-Fire Framework (BFF)
    Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project
    Real Time Cover Penetration Framework
    Tactical Reload
    Uneducated Reload