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Completely fictional "game trailer" imagining what would happen if you mixed parts of the games Borderlands and Fallout 4 together. I.e. turning FO4 into slightly more of a Role-Playing Shooter. 

In case you did not read between the lines there that means this is NOT LORE FRIENDLY. There is a LOT of zany crap in this, it is meant to be a fun quick excursion into absurdity.

The premise is based around the idea of interdimensional shifts brought about by the nuclear war, which has allowed alternate dimensions and timelines to leak into the one Fallout is set in. Yes, a flimsy premise but this wasn't meant to have the depth of War and Peace.  Just guns...and pecs...and explosions!

This is my very first movie, ever. I did this as a fun way to start learning my way around using Adobe Premiere as it was required for a work project. It took about a month to create all of the locations and sets, armor mash-ups, characters and factions, etc. I also created a custom SweetFX config to try to approximate the cartoonish/cel-shaded look used by Borderlands. I think I got it fairly close, or at least as close as you can without also having the cartoonish base textures. I realize it is speed freakish and a little rushed in parts, but that is primarily due to a combination of the frenetic pace of the theme music and my lack of experience with knowing a way to fit everything in smoothly. I've been working on this for a month and I've pretty much run out of time (for now) to doodle with this so it is going out the door as is. Please be gentle on the crits. 

There is actually a ton of additional "content" I put together that did not make it into this film: 3 more factions, several locations and a bunch of robotic configurations. There are a few excellent sounding mods coming out in the near future that would have made putting this together a lot easier so I may do another video down the road when those hit.

Special shout-outs to FrogPrincess and Korodic for offering very helpful information and tips while I was tacking this together.


  1. DinninBladestorm
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    400% more amazing, that I will say.Seeing your reshade in action, I'm going to have to go grab it and give that post processing set up a try.Never used reshade, so you got me to do something new, congrats! And congrats on an awesome video. I'm tempted to finally start digging into modding (as in creating) just to help pull all this together if you ever do make the worldspace you were talking about.
  2. Gwanuneg
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    Dynamic, energetic, interesting. Bravo! ^^
  3. Ruckmesideways
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    Besides the reshade that you just put out (amazing mod btw) what other mods did you use here for faction overhauls, monsters, etc? I know BLGuns and BorderJunk exist and I have those but I want more craziness.
    1. Trajan1965
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      Oh god, I knew someone was going to ask this...let's see what I can recall

      Short answer: A lot

      Long answer: Probably will not remember them all so this list will not be 100% accurate.

      -Armors and clothing (mix and match of stock and mods)-
      All of the CROSS armors released by Niero
      Crimson Riders Accessories
      Tumbajamba's Armors
      We are the Minutemen clothing
      Armors by Shadowliger
      Deathstroke armor
      Just another gas mask
      SPECIAL Raider Outfits
      Army of Two masks
      BOS Uniform Aesthetics
      Ventana and Gremlin masks
      UCO Unified Clothing Overhaul
      Neuro Atomic limbs/Robo Leg Outfits
      Classic miltary armor
      Gunmetal skins
      SteamPunk Headgear
      Submersible Power Armors
      Commonwealth Scavvers
      Raider Overhaul
      Corpus Praesidium
      T51c Armor
      T4H armors
      Militia Woman outfit
      B-35c armor
      X-02 armor

      Unique NPC's
      Wasteland Creatures Redone
      M's Abominations
      Ruff Riders
      Driveable Molerat
      More feral ghouls
      Skag Dogmeat Replacer

      BL Guns
      CROSS Guns and Blades
      Steampunk Weaponry
      DOOM's weapons packs
      Skibadaa's weapons packs
      Zombie Slayer

      Dustbowl Overhaul w/Palm Tree replacer
      Border Junk
      Creative Gardens
      Kuro Tab
      Unicorn Farts and Godrays
      Grufyyd's signs
      Wasteland Billboards
      Pipe Galore
      Moons and Planets
      Just Debris
      Reginald's Shack Fest
      Snappy Housekits
      Vzens vending machines

    2. Ruckmesideways
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      That was a more comprehensive answer than I thought I was gonna get. Thank you! You are an amazing person!
  4. Trajan1965
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    On a side note I would love to, some time in the future, actually create a new large worldspace that is accessible from the main map and fill it with custom "Borderlands meets Fallout" flavored locations, scenery, dungeons, characters, etc.
    And then provide it for people to be able to use to add their own quests and such to. Similar to what has been done with the the Falskaar mod for Skyrim or the DLC76 Charleston West Virginia mod for F04. I love Fallout, and have thousands of hours invested mucking around in it. But I find a lot of the custom location and level designs to look too repetitive and routine. Too predictable. I also like Borderlands, and to me the two games are similar in overall concept, with BL being much more colorful and action oriented. 
    I would like to take the FO4 stock assets, add to them assets created by the community, add some design and thematic queues from the BL games, and change the way they are all assembled so the overall feel is very different and fresh, yet still feels like it could be a Fallout game.
    We'll see.
  5. verbanista
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    This is Amazing. Please post as many components of the build as you can! Thank you!
  6. Cancerous1
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    This is looks pretty fantastic, if you find a way to redistribute the mod loadout plus your patches I'd give it a play.
  7. tigretoir
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    looks very fun !