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Lets talk Fallout 76


  1. bowman2062
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    Definitely a =>NO<= from me. Wont buy that. Wont play that. Not even for free! We have a saying in germany: "Nachtigall, ick hör dir trapsen" Roughly translated "I see what you're after" It's a test ballon.
    1. MaxxFennig
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      i'm with you bowman. i play bethesda games to experience the world and the story at my own pace how i want to. i have no interest in sharing it with a bunch of kids whose only goal is to ruin your day. and like you i believe this is a test balloon. if bethesda can make significantly more money from online games than single player games then why wouldn't they do that? loyalty to their fan base only goes so far. if it gets in the way of making more money then the fans get the shaft and i refuse to participate in that process.
    2. bowman2062
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      • 124 posts
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      @MaxxFennig: THX for your comment! We all should remember HalfLife and what happened when Valve found out that meaningless and short-lived pseudo games can suck way more money out of brainwashed kids than well designed single player games out of solidified adults ever can.