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  1. Sorpaijen
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    This is insane. How much of these improvements are from the ENB (which I never got "into" using) and how much are the new textures? If the same ENB was used for both, then clearly it's the textures that yield the amazing results.I think I have an NCM texture pack for Skyrim Special Edition. This one has "Fallout 76" at the start of the video but the shots are from Fallout 4; not sure what that's about.... but unless I miss my understanding of these things, a Texture Replacer mod would not add to the mod count list? I am up to ~239 mods so far (well over 300+ mods, but the extras are texture replacers).

    Outstanding work!
    1. User_3082751
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      "a Texture Replacer mod would not add to the mod count list?"

      if a texture replacer mod in question includes a ba2 file, then yes it will also include an esp file, thus counting towards the 255 mod limit, however if the texture replacer mod only has loose files (direct texture replacement) then it will indeed not count towards the esp mod limit, as an esp/esm file is not necessary for the game to load loose files (in regards to texture replacement).

      the esp file tells the game to load the ba2 archive file.