Fallout 4 - Settlements Re-Imagined - Tweaking Bleak Existence No 1 by UniversalLibrary
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Added: 19/05/2017 - 07:23PM
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Just tweaking some of my settlements for quality of life and assuage my settlement budget concerns. Maybe a few adjustments to the plots using the new Architect T-Square tool. Do I really need three clinics in Sanctuary? A settlement of 20 people? Nay! Says I! I would like a full scale molerat farm and a brahmin milking pen instead. Who wouldn't?

My mod list and my screenshots so far for this playthrough are here (https://goo.gl/eYbwa4 -
Sensory.txt). Be sure to check out my other playlists with a series of different characters. Some lasted only one video, but others 20+ videos. I'm not much more than a weekend armchair YouTuber though, so don't expect much. These are in fact raw feeds from my installed, miserable (and free) OBS Studio software.

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