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FO4 HD Overhaul upcoming update: 4k texture overhaul of the subways.


  1. worm2120
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    Dont know where else to put this, but your fallout4 HD Texture2 archive is corrupted and cant be extracted.
    1. Avaton
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      If you are using Vortex and doing an automatic install I had the same problem. I just downloaded the files manually then dropped them into the bottom of the Vortex download section where it says "Drop URL(s) or File(s)". That worked a treat.
    2. luxor8071
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      ehm nope. this is just plain wrong information. all archives are like they should.
  2. vicwhiplash
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    Just watchin this I can smell and feel the cold damp. 
    Amazing LUX
  3. HiDDeNFox123436
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    The textures look very cool. I`m look forward to :)