Fallout 4
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peak at massive eft clothing mod that won't be release here

This is a mod I made a while ago and released on discord I wasn't happy with it, now I have nearly finished a massive overhaul for it that will add in 4 variations for each piece of clothing, two variants of each Rig and 4 variants of each backpack, this will allow the player to chose a jacket such as the Softshell Flexion then pick AR (fits on armor) CR (fits on chest rig), CR AR (fits on both chest rigs and armours, aswell as the base version for just wearing, the mod will add in all helmets, facewear, glasses, headsets and gloves. and will spawn on enemies, this is part of a bigger mod that will add in all eft items like loot in aswell.

Still some clipping to finish off, some more helmets to add and a few more new items form updates.

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  1. darkklawd
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    Oh heck yeah!!
  2. VladTepes85
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    Bring it on boy