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Hey buds! Lefttounge here, with a brand new radio station.
It's called The Random Station.
Here is an ingame preview for the mod.
Unforunately since I'm very skilled at modding, I wouldn't know how to make this mod come alive, I do however have recordings, and was able to simply use them via another radio mod in my game. Another factor I have is the issues with copyright; not too sure the songs I wanna use will be allowed to be used. :( Like Debbie Deb Funky Little Beat. This is a deal breaker for me, as I want to use unique songs that sound like their from the 80s. 
However perhaps you'll find interest in what I had so far.
The Random Station features:

*A Brand New old NCR DJ with an interesting backstory 
*Knee slapping humor that is bound to crack you up as you explore the wastelands
*Interesting Art facts
*Helpful tips you probably never thought of
*Revealing of certain ingame item locations (preferably weapons!) 
*Fallout 4 lore honorable mentions!
*Unique groovy music!
In terms of lore friendliness, the mod does tend to remain as close to lore friendly as it can (like making mentioning of Vaults and the main character) though sometimes it might steer a bit away from it, but not too much so that it's painfully obvious

If you like it, let me know!