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The Underground Hideout Redux Player Home

Yes, THAT Underground Hideout! The legendary Fallout 3 player home finally makes an appearance in the Commonwealth. This is a re-creation of the legendary Fallout 3 Underground Hideout player home mod by danthegeek that players have many fond memories of. The layout and many features of the original mod have been replicated with loads of custom assets to bring this classic player home into Fallout 4.

The Underground Hideout was, and still is the go-to player home for Fallout 3. It is the mod that inspired me to start making player homes for Fallout 4, and I felt it was past time that the Commonwealth had its own version. This mod really was a labor of love and a tribute to the work of danthegeek, who has provided me with many fond memories using his Underground Hideout mods for both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. 

Just like the original Fallout 3 mod, the entrance is hidden inside a Pulowski Preservation Shelter. The player home is located between Longneck Lukowski's Cannery and Kingsport Lighthouse.

Download the mod now from the Fallout 4 Nexus. 


  1. flatbush71
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    Fantastic Rocket !
    I'm so proud of you, I know how much work and how hard it was to do.
    I just now found out.
    I been play testing for Egosoft on X4
    and been out of the loop.
    I'll get and start a new playthru.

  2. choochoo1
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  3. etholas
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    Christmas came early this year!
  4. Niteshade0
    • premium
    • 681 posts
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    omg yes more RRTV home? and it's UNDERGROUND!!!?!? SCORE insta download/endorsement,
    tho I'm on a mini break on FO4 while I wait on an update to an overhaul I use, this is definitely going into my load order. 
    looks amazing and as always absolutely love all of your work!!

    Thank you for this!
  5. wolfgrimdark
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    Looking great, congrats on the release! Restarted recently so level 1 but will check it out later ;) Nice video!
    1. RedRocketTV
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      Thanks, wolfgrimdark! Very much appreciated!