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Soon. Last item to finish up is a few male voice roles. You can apply here if interested:

The Casting Call says looking for one person to voice 800 lines, but it can be much less if you're only interested in voicing 100 lines or so.


  1. kenal2
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    Man, I wish all jobs can acknowledge you being the silver shroud and you have options to payment demands such as accept, increase, decrease, or decline payment which would shape your reputation as the Silver Shroud.

    The more heroic you are, the higher the chance of enemies surrendering after you shout "I am the SILVER SHROUD" while the more greedy you are although you become rich quick, human enemies become less into surrendering and more aggressive.

    As you become more heroic in reputation, settlements send caravans that may contain fan letters, gifts such as caps and items, and some NPCs offer to become your sidekick with their own superhero costumes.

    Interesting part:
    You also meet villains such as serial killers, a sentient robot that is a leader of the robot faction, a ghoul con artist, a sexy lady who is a spy who kills synths, drug cartels, a supermutant faction that adapted Legion's ideologies, a group of kids who steal from settlements and an equivalent of real world ninja cops who are minutemen or DC guards that do despicable things.
    1. joerqc
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      I can give you all of the source code and assets and you can make your own version (of a mod noone has even played yet) that does all of those things. How does that sound? Sounds like you have a much better idea of how to make my mod than I do, so...
  2. forteagle
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    Sweet!   Looks amazing 
  3. jaderiver
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    When I saw who made, I just had to watch it , grabbed an afternoon coffee, Really Loved it !  
  4. Hiemfire
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  5. vicwhiplash
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    Thuggy when did you get involved with this fun mod?
  6. Mikaal
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    Very cool!