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Fallout: London is a DLC-sized mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4. As a continuation of the base game, the mod will allow the player to visit the previously unexplored post-apocalyptic environment of London, As a divergence from previous official titles in the series, Fallout: London is not set in America. Visiting a totally new setting allows for us to explore totally new cultures which have not homogenized with their American counterparts. It also allows us to explore pre-war European history, and the effects the Resource Wars had on the class structured society of pre-war Britain.

Discord - https://discord.gg/GtmKaR8
Youtube: www.youtube.com/falloutlondon
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FalloutLondon/
Website - http://www.fallout4london.com
Subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutLondon/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/falloutlondon
Instagram: @Fallout4London
Hashtag: #FalloutLondon AND #Fallout4London
Modeller Information - TEAM FOLON

Do you want to get involved and join the team? Head over to the discord and drop in an application as we are CURRENTLY RECRUITING. We are open to all applications and will review all of them and give you feedback on your application.

As a strict rule of Fallout: London. All content created for the mod will remain property of the creator  and they are free to do with it as they wish, all we ask is that they state it was created for us and place our logo on it. We believe strongly in sharing is caring.


  1. MyLittleCreator
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    Looks great!
    I especially like the look of the shotgun, flare gun... shotflare?
    Keep up the great work!
  2. Broodahood
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  3. Vanden
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    Simply outstanding.  Very hyped for this.