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Meet D.A.R.R.Y.L. from The Extended Lore Project PUBLIC BETA on 2/26/2021 on Nexus!

With historical history about 200 locations, nearly 3000 lines of
dialogue. Darryl is a semi sentient eyebot, part of a shadowy
organization called 'The Think Tank', whose purpose is to record history
as it unfolds. If you so choose, then Darryl can accompany you (and
your companions) while you travel the wasteland, offering his unique
insights and services.

This video is a gameplay and reveal video, showing his recruitment
process and some of his features (all of which can be turned on or off
through easy configuration). Darryl does not count as a 'regular
follower' nor does he 'take a slot' in your companion list.

He is also different from other followers in that he is neutral. He will
never engage in combat and find a safe space to hide should it become
too dangerous for him to be around. You can use Darryl to gain both
historical and tactical insights into locations. He can scan the nearby
area for items of interest, bobbleheads and magazines (as long as they
are not locked inside a containter).

This video is not monetized and not sponsored in any way. I do not make
any money releasing mods or by creating videos on Youtube. It is purely a
hobby meant to spread joy to the users of the mods!