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Just a simple test of the power of xVASynth to generate voice lines for mods. This particular voicetype is the FemaleBoston template in action on the assistant NPC.

Note: the voice files are NOT in the downloadable beta on the Nexus, only here where I am building/testing things out.


  1. KotovChaos
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    I'm seeing a lot of negativity but honestly it's very passable. If you're doing it because the voice work and finding actors is causing you trouble with the pace you want to keep, then I say go for it.
  2. lister1911
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  3. Hadanelith
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    Definitely gonna take some manual work to get it to even 'decent' voice acting. Still beats regular text to speech, and sounds *way* better than nothing.
  4. theJgizmo
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    IMO this is not going to work. It's incredibly obvious at times, especially at the bridges. An actual volunteer va'tres is perferable if possible.
    1. JaneKoopman2001
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      I think you need to have a little more confidence in this mod creator. This is just a test after all, and they've shown their competence in regular splicing together of lines, which I'm sure they would do when they could. But for brand new unique lines? especially for the main charterer, where it would be jaring to switch voice actors, this is a great solution. Besides, I'm sure you could find ways to smooth out the voice patterns a little more in post.
  5. MisterKen
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    Interesting and convenient! If it had a way to slow it down just a touch the voice would be more natural, with a touch longer pause between sentences. Guessing that's beyond the capacity of that mod?
  6. Nuw
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    • 152 posts
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    With some pitch adjustments here and there this will be well polished i think with your discipline and dedication this is gonna be great! Also kudos for the fastest implementation dude mod just released today :D
  7. Sonan11
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    its somewhat decent, it still does have that weird robot tone though.
    1. joerqc
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      Yeah... but its early days yet. I foresee this turning into something really special.

      And still... its better than a silent NPC with subtitles. :)