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This is a video from a FO4 mod I'm working on called Project Extend And Change Everything (PEACE).

The PEACE WIP thread can be found here. Note also that PEACE is the sister mod to WARS, the WIP thread for which can be found here. WAR(S) and PEACE, you see?

Vanilla FO4 presents wild animals as if they all have pockets, in which they keep several caps, perhaps a random junk item, and a chunk of meat or two from their own body, somehow. PEACE removes all that, replacing it with a butchery system. This video is a quick demo of that system.

By butchering an animal, you'll get MUCH more meat (and hides, bones, organs, etc) than in the vanilla game, but there are some wrinkles to the process. Butchering an animal requires an equipped knife/machete/etc, takes time (more time the larger the animal is), may pose a disease risk, and the smell of blood may attract a predator...

Various parts of the system are influenced by certain perks, and can also be tweaked via PEACE's MCM menu.

Please excuse the weird graphical glitches (presumably from a weather type) at the end of the video; not sure what's causing that. I've been too busy working on WARS and PEACE to keep my installed mods in order, so there's a bunch of them that need to be updated or replaced with other mods.

Also the siren was just a coincidence. That doesn't happen every time you get ambushed by a predator while butchering something.

(Bonus outtake footage.)


  1. prosciuttanzafotonica
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    if the butching moment will have an animation, i will definitely love this mod! will you add it?
    1. antistar
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      I suppose it'd be possible to make a first-person animation that works like the "using a stimpak" animation for example - or maybe there's an existing third-person animation that'd look vaguely appropriate enough to be used...

      It's kind of a low priority though, I'm afraid; I've got a lot of other work to do on the mods.
  2. leo2link
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    Solid work, keep it up!
  3. Grund400
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    Will this in any way be similar to Corpse Cleaner ?to butcher most bodies?
    Or is this just for animals?
    1. antistar
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      It works in a similar way to Corpse Cleaner, but is just for animals/creatures (... and humanoids, if you have ranks in the Cannibal perk).

      Corpse Cleaner is (I think) about the utility of "cleaning up" certain things around (say) settlements, while the butchery system in PEACE is more a "survival" gameplay mechanic and immersion thing, since it passes in-game time, has a disease chance, the chance for a predator ambush, etc.