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Gameplay of a quest arc to take out rival Commonwealth Jet dealers and help start a business peddling a custom and more powerful version of the chem. Once you complete the quest you receive an income stream from the business and also some free chems. The quest arc takes several hours in game. An abridged version is featured in the video.

This arc consists of a half dozen quests, available in v0.99f of the Fallout 4 quest mod Depravity, which can be downloaded from Discord (downloads-exclusive section):

"Depravity" is also available on Fallout 4 Nexus (older version):

The quest arc starts in Vault 81, where you secure a stimulant supply to make a new form of a chem called Jet. Afterwards, you are tasked with eliminating rival chem dealers and providing sniper protection for your street dealers.

The traveling companions in the mod: Tina, Harley, Stella, and Eden, are part of the "Depravity" mod.

The music in the video is not part of the mod.

Some of the content shown in Vault 81 is content that was cut from the game and restored into this quest.