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You can blow up Megaton in Fallout 3. Why can't you blow up Diamond City in Fallout 4?

The vanilla game never gives us a resolution to the Ghouls being kicked out of Diamond City. Was everyone cool with that? End of story? Or should there be a way to address this presumably divisive issue?

Now there is. This quest requires you to deal with civil unrest in Diamond City. You can end things peacefully, side with either law enforcement or the protestors, implement reforms, or you can allow the situation to escalate, even going so far as to blow up Diamond City.

If you blow up Diamond City and then convince Piper it was necessary, Nat Wright and Sheng Kawolski become available as companions. Some of the other Diamond City residents evacuate and relocate to other areas of the game (e.g. Vault 81, Goodneighbor).

If you allow civil unrest to reach a point where citizens start leaving and the Raiders take over Diamond City, you will gain access to items like throwable riot bricks and weaponized protest signs.

This quest can be started any time after accessing the Institute. It is part of an upcoming mod called "Diary of a Madman", and will also be accessible via the quest mod Depravity.