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Hi guys!

During the last year, I've received a lot of private messages of people asking me to start working on the most important location of Fallout 4, Diamond City. After various reflections, I convinced myself to start working on it. Consider this an exception, since I want to follow my scheduled locations. What convinced me to start working on it is the fact this will be a great addition to my project. Another thing I would like to achieve concerns the reaching of a good optimization state of Boston. Working on this area, I've found a lot of hidden objects, mainly trash, that were wasting memory. Objects that you could not see. The most gain is that disabling them reduces the GPU draw call. What you see in the video is only a taste of what I'm going to realize. The "monument" you see in the video is made of junk and represents Diamond City (WIP). Consider it as a form of post-apocalyptic art. For now, I've created gates and set the base of an exterior urban area, even for a small vagabonds area. The idea is to create an area full of life even on the exterior of the city. I'm planning to create a supermarket selling general goods, where the open space is. Always in that place, I want to create a species of an outdoor lounge bar where shows take place. Probably, every shack I've added will have an interior and an NPC assigned to it. The security of the city needs a revision, I'm planning to add more guards and security systems. There will be new vendors. That's more or less what I've planned to do for the exterior. Once the base of the exterior is set, I'll start working on the interior of the city. 

If you have suggestions, don't hesitate to share them!


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  1. villings
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    it looks great!
    guess I'm gonna have to stop using some mods that change the outside area though..
  2. Cetochtli
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    this looks sick, outer diamond city was very lackluster watching it like this will got you hyped up everytime you get near and it really improves the player experience on his/her 1st time traveling to dc, got to ask, will this be compatible with other mods? Diamond city expansion, The Hole redux, The Bleachers (i think the author is planning a sequel around Fens area), also the thuggyverse focus a bit in DC and Tales from the Commonwealth touches some cells, im very hyped keep it up bro!

    FunFact: TOC have a brothel near hangman's alley and its owner dialogue heavily inspired Fallout London