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A video tutorial for CBBE Outfit Helper Reference Suit.
I saw people were asking for a video tutorial, and since I figured out how to do this recently I figured I'd go ahead and make one, though this is my first (and probably only) video.
I tried to keep it simple and describe what I was doing.
I hope this helps some people understand how to use this amazing tool <3


  1. Mipasa
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    Hi well done simple and easy to understand :D
    Here is a tip.
    When the clothing you want to edit has no body it is fairly simple to use CBBe Oufit Helper Reference.
    Just open BS and find the needed clothing you wish to edit.
    Then just right beside the name of the outfit you have a little head with and arrow. Click that one and you open that outfit ind OS no need too find anywhere els.
    When loaded, you go to file and click load reference.
    There you select the type of uni you want to use.
    Now it will add it self as the new master body and as Reema describe in video you fix the clipping. When done highlight the names on outfit you have fixed, remember NOT to included the Unibody and from there go to Slider and select conformed all.
    After that just delete the unibody go to file and just select Save project. This way you have editted det bs refence and not the meshes in data meaning if you want to try a new body it will not overwrite the meshes or you don't have to have several new outfits in bs. Its fast and easy when you learn it take me around 1 min max per outfit
    Happy hunting