Premium Membership on the Nexus sites is a way of donating to the upkeep of the sites while also gaining some advantageous perks for your browsing experience both on the sites and within the Nexus Mod Manager. Most importantly, without the support of our Premium Members the Nexus sites would not be able to keep running.

Premium Membership can be bought for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or for a lifetime (lifetime membership will never expire). If your Premium Membership expires your account is automatically moved in to our "Supporter" membership group that continues to offer you some perks including a completely ad free browsing experience on all the Nexus sites. Even if you buy one month of Premium Membership you'll never see an ad on the Nexus sites again. For life!

We support most major forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards and Pay Pal. We don't agree with making you sign up to any sort of recurring payment so the main payment options are all non-recurring meaning you only pay once for the Premium time you'd like to purchase. If you want to add more Premium time you pay again yourself rather than being automatically charged. We do however offer a recurring payment option if you so wish, but you've got to opt-in to it! Lets face it, forcing you to subscribe to a monthly payment if you don't want to is just crappy, so we don't do it.

Premium features

To say thank you to our members who support us we provide Premium Members with an improved experience on both the Nexus sites and within our Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) that normal members cannot access.

Uncapped file downloads
All the files we offer on the sites are capped at 1024 kilobytes a second (1MB/second) to ensure we can offer a stable service for everyone. We remove this cap for Premium Members so you can download files faster than 1024kb/second if your connection can handle it.
Premium only file servers
On top of uncapped download speeds we also have four Premium-only file servers. These are file servers that only Premium Members can download from and they're based in different geographic locations.
Download multi-threading
While normal members are limited to 1 download thread per file Premium Members are allowed up to 4 which can greatly improve your download speeds whether you're using NMM or downloading manually through your browser.
No advertising
No matter what amount of time you choose to buy you'll never see adverts on any Nexus site ever again, even after your Premium Membership expires.
Private message capacity
All premium members can store 5 times as many private messages. The total archive size is 500 compared to 100 for normal members. Your archive size will remain at 500 even after your Premium Membership time expires.
Supporter-only Image Share section
An image share section for Supporters only. The terms and conditions for this section are different and more open and liberal than the normal image share section.

Your Premium Membership will work on our entire network of Nexus sites and across all the games we support, including any new sites and games we make and support after you become a Premium Member. If you use more than one Nexus site you do not need to pay to become a Premium Member on more than one site.

What your money pays for

It costs a lot of money to keep these sites running and advertising revenue alone just doesn't pay for all the stuff that we need. Your money goes straight back in to running and improving these sites through three different avenues.


It takes a lot of hardware to keep the Nexus network up and running. Here's what we're currently using:

  • A cloud hosting environment with 56 CPU cores and 224GB of RAM spread across 6 virtual machines
  • A database cluster of 5 dedicated servers with a combined total of 80 CPU cores and 480GB of RAM
  • A static content CDN with 32 CPU cores and 96GB of RAM spread across multiple locations
  • 4TB of SAN space on a 10Gbit network
  • 19 file servers spread across 2 continents and 10 different geographic locations with a combined total of 50 CPU cores and 264GB of RAM
  • Total average bandwidth usage of 3Gbit every second

And that's just the stuff to keep us going. We also need to save for the next generation of hardware we'll need to keep up with future demand.


We hire 4 full-time staff, and sometimes independent freelancers, to work on the Nexus sites. Not only do these people keep the sites running but they're also working on lots of new improvements and features that ensure we're at the forefront of mod hosting. Your money helps to pay their bills and also to hire on new staff whenever possible. The more staff we have, the better the sites become.

PS. the staff would like to make it known that they aren't paid very much!

The rainy day fund

The rainy day fund is a common sense "backup" stash for when something bad happens. It's bad news if you're only making enough to scrape by each month. What happens when a hard-drive fails, or a motherboard blows? We always need to keep some money in reserve for these worst case scenarios to ensure we are able to respond quickly to any unforeseen circumstances.

Go Premium

Becoming a Premium Member is easy and you should be automatically upgraded to a Premium Member once your payment is processed. We process Premium Memberships through our forums and we use Pay Pal as our main transaction processor; they're fast, safe and secure and in most countries you don't need a Pay Pal account in order to buy Premium Membership. If you don't like Pay Pal for whatever reason we offer an alternative payment method through a secondary processor, 2Checkout. You can select this payment processor when it comes to paying.

Questions? Problems?

Every member on the Nexus Sites is important to us but people who help to financially support the site are especially important as they've used some of their hard earned cash to help us out. If you have any questions or encounter any problems then please use the site contact form on the forums and we'll get back to you very quickly.

Go Premium

Want to go premium? The subscription process is simple and your account will upgrade automatically once you're done.

Please remember to login to the forums before buying!

How much does it cost
1 month £2.99 ($4.80 USD)
3 months £8.49 ($13.60 USD)
6 months £14.99 ($23.20 USD)
12 months £24.99 ($39.99 USD)
Life-time membership £49.99 ($79.99 USD)

USD figures are based on a standard exchange rate.
All payments are non-recurring. You only get billed once.