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Hey, just a mod author that has been creating work for TES games since Oblivion. I focus on creating mods via Papyrus programming (my drawing ability is... suboptimal) and I would say I'm pretty good at what I do. I try to support my recently created mods as much as possible, though since I am working on finishing my PhD dissertation I obviously cannot devote any time to creating or supporting my mods right now. That being said, I love the challenge of creating unique and (dare I say it?) immersive mods. I fully intend to continue creating mods for future Bethesda games, since I love the challenge of pushing at the boundaries of Papyrus programming, and I am looking forward to playing Starfield and TES 6.
If you would like to support the work that I do, please consider contributing to my Patreon by clicking here.

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