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Sia Nox

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Currently I have no new projects going on. Due to lack of energy and motivation. I also have real life throwing sh1t in my face over and over again, so that makes things rather difficult.


I want to make something new, I really do. At the moment it just seems impossible to do anything creative...


About some of my personally favourite creations:


Domina Obscura - Lady Shadow (darkness)


Inspired by personal suffering and other artists. #TrueStory

Domina Obscura tells the story of a woman that entered a strange world through her dreams and nightmares. Eventually this will change her physically and give her abilities not seen before.


It has been a long time, but if I remember correctly the appearance of this character was inspired by a weird dream I once had. I also used other artists work as a source of inspiration. Such as H. R. Giger, who is also known for the designs he made for various movies; including Alien and Species.


The imaginary dimension which most of my characters belong to - they don't have anything to do with Elder Scrolls lore - is called "Realms of Lacune". In Dutch, the word "lacune" means an absence of something. So what is missing, I hear you think? On one side, there is only darkness, so there it is the light that is missing. There used to be a normal day-night cycle, but some sort of disaster made that impossible.

So now, there is eternal darkness on one side, and light on the other. And something unpleasant in between...


To be continued.


Rusalka - A Water Entity (water)


The rusalka is a being from Slavic mythology.

They are female entities that reside in the water and are malicious towards humankind.


My version appears in the dream world that I mentioned above. along with a various other characters:


Fea Luma - Sister Sunrise (light)

Vie Nyx - Mother of Day and Night (cycle)

Sad Dolls - The Melancholy Ones (sadness, lovelessness)


Alma - Cursed Soul (flesh)

Cyra - Girl, Tormented (blood)

Nyada - The Drowned One (dark water)


List of currently available mods that are related to all this:


Domina Obscura - Lady Shadow - De Duistere Dame
Domina Obscura - Lady Shadow - Nocturnal Eternity
Dream Wanderer - Texture Resource

Fea Luma - Sister Sunrise - Resource
Xenonomicon I - Trinity of Suffering
Xenonomicon II - Otherworldly Beings


Unpublished ideas:


Xenonomicon III - Cybernetic Transmorphication (Fallout 4)

Xenonomicon IV - Synthetica Obscura (Fallout 4)

Xenonomicon V - Hvman Animal (Skyrim)

Sad Dolls - The Melancholy Ones (Skyrim)


It's all connected...


I had a dream once, about making my own game inspired by my twisted world of nightmares and dreams. That will never happen I'm afraid...


People mostly know me for my character improvements. That was just something to keep me busy for a while. I prefer using my imagination and creating something new instead. Preferable strange, unusual and creepy.


Unfortunately, I have lived a life full of suffering.

This is something that inspired my darker creations.












Some of my favourite music:



Android Lust

Unter Null

Sui Generis Umbra







Theodor Bastard

Love Is Colder Than Death


Check out my



PC Specs:


Mostly old junk...


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3,2Ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon RX580 4GB (Sapphire Pulse)
RAM: AMD 8GB DDR3 Black Edition (OCZ rebrand)
SSD: Samsung 830 256GB | Samsung EVO 860 1TB
HDD: Hitachi 1TB + 1TB 5400rpm

MB: Asus M4N75TD
Misc: Asus Xonar DS, FiiO USB DAC, Asus Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2, USB 3.0 pci-e card






 Stuff I watch:




Steam: xenius01/Sianox

Origin: Xenius01

GOG: Xenius01


Learning Graphics and Web Design



This world is sick.

I fear death.

Do you?


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