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I find it weird that in the fictional universe of Fallout...


- Where you are cryogenically frozen for 200 years
- Where you can zip in and out of the Institute using Radio Frequencies
- Where you can have total facial/body reconstructions
- Where humans created Mutants by playing God
- Where humans turned a chameleon the size of a rat into a 3 meter+ devil horned Velociraptor like monster through forced evolution and mutations
- Turn a Super Mutant back into human form
- Where you have synthetic humans with feelings and actual transplanted body parts
- Where evolution has exploded so drastically as a result of radiation forced mutations that in 200 years horseshoe crabs who have barely evolved in past 450 million years are now a diverse species with many variations who grow as big as humans or the even to the size of a bus!
- Where excess Radiation has made some humans immortal (Ghoulified)
- Where Aliens are actually a thing
- Where Optimus Prime's first' cousin can be found years after the Fallout, re-purposed, destroyed, rebuilt again and still boss the battlefield
AND you're telling me that cancer is a problem in the Fallout universe with all that wacky s*** and advanced science and technology particularly at the Institute?


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