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Hello, hope you are having a great day! ^_^


Here's some info for you to check. If you have any questions related to anything, feel free to message me. I'm not omniscient, though.


- I use Film Workshop ENB (eventually with PRC on top) with occasional post production tweaks done in Photoshop.

- All uploaded character presets are available for you to further edit and eventually port to consoles

- I don't accept requests yet, though you can suggest a character/person you would like to see made ingame

- No plans on releasing my clothing mashups, but I will try to name pieces I've used if asked

- You can find me at the rim shop


Here's a list of to-do presets so far:


Gabrielle (Commando)

Sadie Adler


Belle Delphine

Jessica Nigri

Maria Brink

Tia Jonsson

Fortune (Metal Gear Solid)

Mila Jovovich

Tána Pauhofová


Helena Harper

Katie McGrath

Melissa Benoist

Les (Jmof)

Hitomi (Dead or Alive)

Felicia Hardy

Lara Croft

Samus Aran

Lady Maria

Mondo (Killer is Dead)

Valmet & Hex (Jormungand)

Audrey Hepburn

Aubrey Plaza

Chloe (Detroit)


Peyton E List

Jenna Lynn Meowri

Natasha (KVC)

Alona Tal

Lidsey Pelas


If your suggestion is missing or you would like to add one (or two), you can always PM me. ^-^


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