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Heeee... I'm 16, I'm not english but I try to speak it, I'm bad in math but not bad at programation and i'm trying to make some mods for fallout 4 but i never post them because i always think there is something missing, and i'm like "NOOOO I CAN T GIVE THIS TO SOMEONE, THIS IS NOT PeRfEeEeEeEcT!!!!!!!!!!"


Gentleman attires are "bae"


I like Solo games, my favorites are Fallout 4 Metro Last Light and Mad Max (apocalypse is a desirable end to humanity.) 


HEEEEEEYY but i play some multiplayer games, like Rainbow six siege, nice game, you should try it. Insurgency too.


I think that all i can say there.. Goodbye, or Welcome to my profil !



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