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I'm a mad-scientist modder, who has taught himself everything he knows. I make mods for fun, and to moderate my OCDs, it's a hobby for me, and I don't really care about making  $$ off it or seeking fame online. You will NEVER see a donation button on ANY mod I upload or me asking for $$ for mods at all, not here to make $$ but to share some amazing goodies I cooked up. TBH, I couldn't care less if you download my mods or not, they're here cuz someone might find them fun or useful, not cuz I wanna be the next Justin Bieber, fame is just pointless BS. You can't eat it, smoke it, fuck it or make it house you or your family, nor can it actually get me ANYTHING I want in life. Walk into a grocery store, load up a cart or three with stuff,  and offer to pay with "fame," and the police will tell you what your "fame" is really worth on your way to the can for theft. Try offering your landlord 20,000,000 of your FB "likes" for rent, and see how long till you're homeless. Get my point yet?  It's just another distraction from what's REALLY going on in the world, more "bread and circuses," just more pointless frippery disguised and Mass-media-marketed by ALL the media outlets 24/7 as "the point of life."  I'll tell y'allmy biggest secret, but PLEASE, SHARE IT around as much as you can, alright? You're NOT here to ENJOY life at all, but to LIVE it, and learning/growing as a person  can ONLY come from heart-wrenching, abject failure that causes you to THINK "WHY", not effortless success that makes you think nothing.  (which is for ME and all the other "real humans" like me  the whole point of life (where the number, "real humans," is very roughly 92.6% of the rest of the world outside North America, so No, not EVERYBODY in the world thinks like this. Just the vast majority of the folks that really matter and AREN'T YET brainwashed by "The Man", that's all.) Part of being a mad scientist/"Real Gentleman"/ME is not having that literally insane mass-media-brainwashed constant need for external validation/feedback/competition/"cock-fighting" that apparently 99.87% of the population of North America seems to think is actually a part of real, grown-up life and not just more schoolyard bullying that shoulda been left there with your massive ego and even thinking of the concept "bitches." But hey, the worlds shit, and what can one human really DO anyways?  One human can change the world, that's what, just by BEING change and absolutely refusing to move. Immovable object meets supposedly irresistable force my ass, y'all are just a buncha gd SHEEPLE ain't got no balls to stand up to someone with REAL power. Scared of everything and everyone all the time so ya can't trust anyone, gotta be told when and how much to eat or shit or piss or you just keep shovelling it in all day long and living in your own filth, No actual thoughts or opinions of your own so ya gotta be told by folks you KNOW and EXPECT to have nefarious, ulterior, capitalistic/"let's just chain Mother Earth to this here mass-produced plastic post and take turns ass raping her till she's (and hence WE'RE) TOTALLY dead" motives how you should feel about anything and everything, so y'all just gtfotta my way right now and let a real human DO something about it, ya buncha useless bitches.  Grow a pair, stop worrying about only YOU YOU YOU 24/7 and go do something about it before it 's too late. 

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