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I don't consider myself a modder. I make face presets in my spare time. Mostly focusing on diversity. Not because of some political activism.

When I first started playing this game I looked everywhere not really knowing what I was looking for in a character preset. I began making my own to my liking. I'm still trying to create just the right type of face for a playthrough with the main characters and story in mind. Realistic, natural, lore-friendly, yet diverse. It's a game of itself at this point. I don't have an image in my head of what the perfect face consists of. Beautiful people come in many variations in real life and I'm not shy about it here. I take into consideration that there may be more people out there with a different taste than what's popular on the Nexus as far as face presets go. I do this for the rare type.

All faces of mine are mine from start to finish. Nothing borrowed from other preset authors. I don't use my presets as shortcuts either. Ensuring uniqueness. I wouldn't want to have a ton of faces that look like others I've done. As a personal standard.

Track my mods for future updates. I'm always looking for ways to improve. Track me if you like what I'm doing. I have many more to look forward to already in development.