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Hi! I'm Ellen - 31/F/Australia.
Thank you to everyone for your continuing support over the years! <3.

Please contact me if youd like to use any of my assets or do any conversions etc. I usually say yes but I like to keep track of what people are doing with my stuff :)
Please take note that personal messages will be replied to on WEEKENDS.
NOTE: I am no longer modding Fallout 4. I am no longer playing the game nor do I have the drive to keep updating mods. If you have received permission from me to release a mod using my assets for any game, please feel free to enable donation points for your mods as long as I am clearly credited and links to my mod/s are in your mod's description. Thanks!
If you are looking for modding help, please see the below Discord channels:
Nexus Mods has channels for many games
Mass Effect Modding
Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to reply to messages asking for tutorials, especially about Fallout 4, which I don't currently have installed. I don't mean to be rude, but messages asking for tutorials of any kind won't be responded to. Thanks for understanding! 
You can support me directly here.
You can also find me on Bethesda.net under femshepping. 
Mod legacy will: if I am inactive for over 3 months, I hereby give permission to dunmr to take over my mods. All donation points may be switched to them and they will be able to provide support, updates, or extra context to my mods should they wish to do so. I give permission for Nexus staff to assist them in any way possible in gaining access to this if I am unable to do so. Should dunmr ever be unable to take on this task, I trust and respect their decision in handing this over to someone else of their choosing.