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I have been so busy with my job I have only converted one CBBE version of my outfits to work for console. 
I hereby give permission for someone else to port it, ONLY IF THESE RULES ARE FOLLOWED:
1. The mod name must be the exact same mod name that I have given it so people can find it easily (with CBBE port by ____, obviously).
2. You must link to the Nexus mods and versions first up in the description.
3. You also must credit me (femshepping) as well as any other creators of the mod (where applicable).
4. You must make it clear that I (femshepping) will not be offering support for the ports (just so
I don't get a tonne of messages asking for help with them).
5. You must adhere to's rules on nudity at all times.
Thanks, and have fun!


Hi! I'm Ellen. I'm 26 and I'm from Australia. I am a woman, not a man! Please stop referring to me as a man!


I do NOT take requests, nor do I know how to make new meshes, so please don't message me with requests as they will be ignored. AND please don't message me asking me to troubleshoot other people's mods that I don't even use... please go to the mod page/author.  

Please use the Nexus Forums' Mod Request topic to make your requests.

Other people's mods I've worked on:
Zella's Dyed Wigs (GO Meshes and CTD fix)
Unzipped Vault Suit - CBBE (Craftable Armorsmith Workbench Standalone ESP and repack)
Upright Bathtub (Standalone and repack)
Dave's Poses (reference pics)

Dogmeat to My Pet Rat Babes (invisible fix and repack) - some people are still getting invisible Babes. I think this is due to you already having met Dogmeat. I'll look into it further.


Q: Will my mods be on
A: All of my mods that I have permission to put on console are already up (I have the same username as here!). I am getting around to putting the rest of my mods up now that aesfocus helped me fix my CK issue. If a mod isn't up, it's because the original asset author doesn't give permission, it won't work well/at all on console, or I just haven't gotten around to it. I am in no way a PC elitist or console hater, so I would appreciate if you could all stop sending me hate messages or ragging on me in YouTube comments because you can't be bothered to do your own research and just blindly follow whatever popular YouTubers say. Thanks!